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    It's not about aoe damage, it's more about control.. you can stun/slow/push/grip those adds, just need to do a good coordination.

    Beauty of this fight is you can start it on any phase and practice it.. then when you're ready, you do the full order and get the kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    We 2 heal it every time without any issues. Healers can regen mana in the epicenter phase since there is no damage going on.
    We 2 heal it in man mode - we have the tank grab Epicenter instead of Lightning Fist and blow up the dps meters. More fun for everyone.

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    Definitely not a dps race. We 3-heal it every time. We even let him heal a bit last night because one add was just outside of null barrier, and still killed it in reasonable time.

    If you have a druid, have them spec into Ursol's Vortex and drop it right on the group where the adds spawn.

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    If you're looking for a good benchmark, you want each phase to last no longer than 4 casts. First Velocity (bubbled), second, third (bubbled), fourth... move on to Shadow.

    Nullify first, DPS second, nullify third, DPS fourth
    Nullify first Epicenter, punch 2nd, N 3rd, P 4th

    Pop heroism, kill Fire in 3.

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    We 2 healed it on all our kills, and we don't even stun the earthquakes. There's not actually a lot to heal besides the high tank damage. Most of the boss mechanics can be taken care of with a raid CD or the barrier.

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