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    bilions of hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnowo View Post
    And yet, here you are. On a fansite about a game whose developers you lost all faith in...
    As a matter of fact, you still support them by playing the game they develop...
    Calm down, he is just spreading the word to some of you non believers...
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    Played MM last night, anecdotally, in game it is barely behind in terms of damage. It is also more engaging to play that the other sepcs. Chimera Shot needs a big buff in terms of damage to bring the dps up a little and make it a more engaging button to press.... then it would be a most excellent spec.

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    You know.. after all it is just a game. Maybe you should do some meditation.

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    I can tolerate imbalance, I mean it's an MMO with 33 specs.

    But the fact that our level 90 talent that we rely on for landing kills in PvP after months into the expansion has a high chance to do absolutely nothing. That is pretty lame. It feels like its at least 20-30% chance to just flop.

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