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    What are useful hastecaps for affli with high end gear?
    Simcraft savy that haste is better then mastery for a single fight? is that right?

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    There are no haste caps. There are thresholds that offer a dps increase, but it isn't groundbreaking. 4717 is the one most are shooting for. And we need more info. Simcraft will tell you that haste is valued over mastery at certain gear levels. Say you have 5% haste. And you have 60% mastery. Simcraft will tell you that haste has a higher value. Haste and Mastery are already pretty close in value. The best way to sim correctly is to make reforge plots for both haste and mastery.

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    What I found to work for me is at lower gear lvls I went full mastery, high 470's I went 4198 haste tier (corruption + ua tick during BL / DS), 480+ 4717.

    The reason you shoot for 4717 is specifically because its corruption. The reason corruption is SO important is its the only thing that gives you nightfall procs. In aoe situations (soulburn > seed) everything has *corruption* on it, again making it the more important dot. At the 4198 haste tier mastery and haste tend to even out and any increases of either on there are roughly the same so you can either hang out with that much haste or go for much more or go full mastery from there whatever (until higher gear levels).

    As always run reforge plots*** not scaling, REFORGE PLOTS with 10k iterations I'd recommend just doing haste and mastery as it takes a long time and the chart for 3 is confusing. So run a ***reforge plot*** 5000 / 500 check what your highest peak is, reforge / gem for that, sim again and make the variation smaller until it'll be a dps loss to change to anything else.
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