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    Blizz's new loss-of-control UI looking very pixelated

    Hiya, anyone know what could be causing this new UI element from patch 5.1 to look very grainy pixelated? I'm not the only one with the issue in my guild it seems. I suspect UI scale which I'm not gonna touch, or an addon maybe?

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    All they did was scale up the Debuff so show in the new UI, so it will be pixelated compared to a standard debuff tooltip.

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    Doubt it, everything in the graphic is pixelated, from the red banner to the icon. My UI Scale is at 1.0 so I doubt that is the problem too. Very odd.

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    This is a non-resized cut of a screenshot, does it look this way for everyone please? Clearly this is not how blizzard's UI should look, the font this pixelated. Thanks.
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