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  • Yes, i have been tricked to pay for content that wont be in game so i have to be refound

    33 11.50%
  • no, even if i agree with the reasonig behind.

    32 11.15%
  • no, i find we are ok as we are.

    222 77.35%
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    Quote Originally Posted by volrat View Post
    After some days, here some thoughts about this crazy thread, and what i learned:

    1) ....

    2) People ....
    3) A legal action....

    This are my final words, thanks to everybody, even if the point of the discussion have been greatly misunderstanded.
    1) Respect. Respect. What is respect. It's an arbitrary word that has little meaning other than rethoric, in this context. Other points: We were given a reason, and we were given a timeline (at least for the questline) where it will be implimented.

    2) A game is a work in progress.. Literally nothing of what Blizzard says HAS to be implimented. This isn't misrepresentation of goods, this is rather differences of creative management and time constraints. The fact that you argue over this proves to me that you honestly have not examined the law in regards to Intellectual Property, and are examining WoW under a miscatagorization of the type of good it is. Example; If Blizz says you are buying an apple, and you buy a box, and inside that box is an orange, that's wrong because it's a physical misrepresentation of the good. Now, if Blizz writes a book about "True Love", and in the end the characters fall apart and hate each other, that's not misrepresentation, even though you don't get the "true love" described. Now, WoW is a little more obvious, but still, time and management force things out. You are catagorising this misrepresentation on the basis of two items for warlocks that have been announced to have been pulled due to internal problems (which, ironically, we may be a factor of, but I won't go into it).

    3) I'll agree that legal seperation of claims is one of the most basic forms of legal systems. This is honestly the first point you raise that I agree with. I dont quite understand how Antitrust law (aka, anti-competition, Microsoft "forcing" users to use IE as default despite having previously had an option to change at initial setup that they removed) coresponds to the pulling of an item pre-release in software. It certainly doesn't affect any profits other than MS's, and doesn't affect user's abilities to chose their brand.

    I'm assuming £130 is the WoW annual pass cost. Now, three things: One: You pay for the game as currently is, and for the license to play on the servers. You don't pay for future content. Two: No one is forcing you to pay for all year at a time, and there's even a free test option. As far as Blizz is concerned, you try the game, say "this is for me", and pay for the privilage to play the live servers. Three: "Rival companies".... I hate to be "that girl", but what rivals? Bioware, who are monitising as much as they can out of TOR, and has an unprecedented loss in subscribers for such an ambitious game? Jagex, who struggle with real world trading and glitches. Turbine, who are suffering mass player drops (from what I can tell) from the game? The Dwarves? They hide in their mountain, caring only for their own greed. And I'm allowed to joke because of 4)....

    4) No. No. NO. Do you seriously expect to be taken seriously in a court if you abandon a thread like this after a few days without clearly explaining your answers? If you had come to me with a brief, and I found this thread during my research, I'd probably say no. To quote wise man Walt White: You need to apply yourself. You never answer anyone's complaints clearly, and I know nothing I said above will have any slightest impact, so to anyone who actually read it, here's a cookie. Your words haven't been misunderstood.

    My only suggestion, honestly, is to sit back, breathe, cancel your sub if you want, and play TOR, play LotRO, play GW2, play RIFT, play DCU, play Runescape and tell me, honestly, that BW, Jagex, Turbine don't mislead their customers as much as Blizzard. "Sift the world through the finest seive and find me one molecule of justice, one atom of mercy", comes to mind. It's all relative, and if you dislike the game, that's fine, and sometimes when we're desperate we want to get to a higher source of authority to vent our frustrations, but honestly, don't do it, you'll just make a show of yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taros View Post
    Can't believe every single response is someone trying to flex. All the top pvpers know that we are absolute shit now. The only semi decent spec is Demo and it got absolutely gutted in 5.1 to say things like "warlocks are awesome lolz top pvp and pve" is just absurd to me. Our pve dps is good but it's also ridiculously boring now. I just can't even believe it. Also with how terrible and useless Affliction has become in pvp I have seriously lost my one passion in this game. It's disgusting.
    Flex=sane now? Good to know.
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    The upgrades/ items/ abilities/ spells which you have mentioned were datamined from PTR files and were never announced in a blue post that these changes would be happening in the 5.0.4 or even 5.1 patches. Unless Blizzard has directly violated the law a lawsuit would be a tremendous waste of time and money.

    Remember... Blizzard's Lawyers > yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prostatus911 View Post

    Remember... Blizzard's Lawyers > yours.
    This sentence, plus your avatar, now makes me want to have lawyers fighting one another via toy lightsaber....

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    I think warlocks certainly have problems right now, there have been changes made in the MOP rehaul and the patches since that I don't think should have been made, and long due changes that are still absent, but I don't believe with this "up in arms" malarkey, and I certainly don't believe blizzard have any way "tricked" us into subbing and then not getting what we paid for. How long have you been playing WoW? Heck, how long have you been playing an MMO? Balance is a constant helterskelter and classes will never be perfect for everyone, I found WOTLK affliction fantastic, especially during naxx, probably my favorite play - but I'm sure there were plenty who hated it.

    As for the green fire quest line, who cares? We've been waiting 8 years, I can wait another 8 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volrat View Post
    Just an example to clear your minds, perhaps someone can understand better the point:

    Say a new game is coming out, that greatly appeal the player base of WoW, the marketing offices of the company may consider to put out a series of new intended content, show animations, new marvelous abilities and questlines, like mages unleashing incredible magical storms, hunters able to tame epical beasts and so on, even giving you the opportunity to try them in a beta test, than chain this with a new promotion for subscription; than, when they have gathered enough postive response, just postpone everything to a not clear future time.

    Aside the contract you may have accepted (these kind of contracts are far from being unaffected by a law action) you may be upset to be misleaded to pay a content you wont be having, and the marketing behaviour of the company may be considered fraudolent and unfair in regard of the customers and other companies.

    Hope this can explain better the point.
    You do realize that beta testing is for TESTING? I mean you are making it seem like the stuff in beta is a promise to you or an advertisement. Beta is for polishing the game, and working out bugs, balancing, etc. After testing, some things don't work out, which is why some things make it to the live version of the game and some things don't.

    Just because Blizzard decided to either include something or not to include something is in no way a form of trickery.

    But I guess you can believe what you will.

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