View Poll Results: will you partecipate in a class-action against Blizz for the missing improvements?

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  • Yes, i have been tricked to pay for content that wont be in game so i have to be refound

    33 11.50%
  • no, even if i agree with the reasonig behind.

    32 11.15%
  • no, i find we are ok as we are.

    222 77.35%
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    What the shit balls is this?

    Go outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    The idea of starting a lawsuit against Blizzard for a questline that's not in the game YET, and 2 spells that got scrapped cause they were garbage is rather ludicrous to me. I don't agree with you at all, OP.
    This x 9,000.

  3. #43, just no.

    With all that our class gained this expansion, I'm quite happy waiting another patch for the green fire.
    And having the entire questline available at once, rather than spread across two patches.
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    So this is what it feels to be the boss class of the expansion. ._.

    Aren't locks used to loosing stuff on a consistent basis anyway? They do balance for a reason.

    I think warlocks are fine. I feel we are getting a lot of lovin from blizz and I think the OP is just crying. I'm glad we at least get something and that we ARE getting green fire. ._.

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    I find it difficult to process this as anything apart from a really really bad joke

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    Reactions like this are why Blizzard used to have a trademark on the word "soon." The OP must have some sort of burning desire for them to not give out any official previews or information whatsoever from this point on. Either that or it's a joke, in which case it isn't a very funny one.

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    Well, back to the pc i found that this discussion has gone in places it was not intended, no doubt it is my fault for having explained my points not clearly enough.

    For those complaining about my english, i have to say yes, this is not my lenguage, and i apologize for my mistakes, but i would be curious to see many of you tryin to take a discussion in a lenguage that is not your own, I can assure it is not that simple to translate your reasons, expacially if those reasons are a bit complex as in this case.

    On the other hand, i fully understand that asking for a class action is a very shocking way to face the problem, and the intent of the idea is right that.
    I play this game as a warlock from the very beta, and in these 8 years i never stopped paying my montly fee; the last 2 years of Cata have been nearly unbearable, and i stopped playing, just logging in to chat with guildies and make some bg or lfr, cause i didn't want to reroll an alt, i tried, but in the end i am attracted by the flavour and lore of the warlock class.
    Playing the beta, i realized that this time, blizz was taking seriously the revamp of the class, and was attempting to solve the many many problems the class have accumulated in the years, like a decent pvp balance, the gameplay of demonology spec etc.
    Furthermore, the lore of the class, so central in the story of Azeroth, have been totally ignored for the entire evolution of the story during WoW, the only noticeble NPC introduced was that ridicolous gnome in the ToC patch.

    Playing MoP, you can see the work on it, but many locks noticed the work is not finished, a lot of good ideas have to be developed and looked into better, even if at the glance of those not playing the class it was so cool, the design of destruction and demonology still feels unfinished, and the PvP viability for high level arena are still far from solution; the many ideas present in the patch 5.1 was giving great hopes, not because they were the right solutions, but they were the assurance they were working on it, on gameplay and lore side both, this was keeping me quiet excited, and convinced me to pay for a full year again.

    When Xelnath was fired, i believed that one single employee was not the reason behind so much work, and things would continue to flow, than a lot of reasons kept me away from the game, so, finished the hard work around the world, i was expecting to spend a full week playing my favourite game experimenting what have been done to further improve the class, I was greatly disappointed to find that every attempt to finish the work in progress have been stopped, and the changes this patch brought were mainly nerfs, from CB to the curses, even the autoattack problem in demon form had been quickly solved with a easy nerf to the spec.

    To be clear, Cataclysm was just datamined, its animation have been showed with Blizz agreement, as for the class questline, i really care little about green fire, it is the lore behind it, the attention to the development of characters and stories about it, things that a player like me, who is attracted mainly by the stories, the flavour and not by the dmg meters, really care about.

    The reasons i found on the internet for this stop was really dumb; the questline was defined in a blue post some weeks ago asking about the so called black temple scenario not a great thing, just a gift long promised to warlocks, and never referred to as a thing that would take several patches to take place; so here i noticed the start of a new flow of lies; more, the last notice say that it should take place in 5.2, but it is not assured, so entire lore development is largely postponed, and its depth and impact becomes more questionable.

    Than take into consideration the elimination of ctaclysm and glyph of supernova, the last one is really ridicolous, "we do not want to change mechanics during a season of pvp, because ppl should have to learn to get away from the dieing warlock"; again, i find these reasons pretty weak and false.

    Still, my 140 euros are strongly real; i hate the way Blizz confront with the player base, and the way they chenge cards on the table, they may have good reasons, but those they give us simply are not believable. In other fields, a similar way to treat customers bring to legal consequences, the fact this is a game is not an excuse to similar behaviour, and my provocation about a class action want to put the problem on a different prospective, because i strongly believe that if done properly, it will end in loss of credibilty of Blizzard, because the exceptional amount of money involved is not a joke; this perhaps will lead to teach Blizzard, and other software companies, to take in more consideration the way they interact with theyr customers, and that will go in advantage not only of the warlock class, but the whole player base in general.

    I am sure many ppl disagree with this, i took this long response just to clear everybody that i am not qqing for the green fire or the fancy new spell, but for the way Blizzard manage the development of the game, which greatly impact the decision to subscribe a monthly fee.

    Sorry for the wall of text, and one last thing, i see a lot of not warlocks posting here just to QQ about how much love the class have recieved in MoP, just understand this is not just for QQ, all classes have suffered this behaviour from Blizz at some point, what happened to this expansion, with the firing of Xelnath and all the consequences just make a perfect sample for legally requesting a different approach.

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    Jesus, why is everybody so obsessed with green fire?

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    Would rather have a fire-spewing demonic flying mount than some shit cosmetic fire. /shrug

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    Quote Originally Posted by braayden View Post
    Would rather have a fire-spewing demonic flying mount than some shit cosmetic fire. /shrug
    class specific flying mounts like DK =D

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    Blizzard never promised warlocks anything.

    Taking datamined information from PTR game files as fact that they will go live is a good way to make you look ignorant.

    No lawyer would ever take your case. The game is Blizzard's. They can develop it as they see fit. Everything on the PTR and Beta servers comes with a warning. That warning is ***Subject to change. Build not final*** You have no say in the matter. You were only mislead by your own interpretations of incomplete information.

    My advice: calm down, and wait patiently for 5.2
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    Locks are in a good place both PvE and PvP, not fantastic, but not on the shit pile either....and how many other class's got exclusive content coming eh?

    Give it a rest please

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    If you don't like the changes to warlocks, or are not happy with them, go play a rogue. I heard they were completely OP in every aspect this expansion, and all 3 specs are viable in pvp.

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    The best part of the two new spells, is that everyone went, "Oh wow, thats cool, wait... why are we getting that? Is there a use for it?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by volrat View Post
    *wall-o-text snip*
    Ok, you raise some points but I think you're a little... Misguided.

    Firstly, and most importantly you cannot sue the creator of fiction for what they add or remove from their fiction*. Remember "Reclaim Mass Effect" or whatever it was? There's a simple reason for this. Alice likes Green Fire. Bob does not. Blizzard adds green fire. Bob sues to remove green fire. Green fire therefore is removed. Alice doesn't like this. Alice sues to add green fire again. And so on and so on. Even in the European Court (trust me, I'm Irish) it's not an area for legal ramifications. Also, Blizzard never promised anything, PTRs are always subject to change.

    *Except, of course, if it breaks copyright.

    Secondly, you weren't getting the full quest this patch. We were getting half of it now, half in 5.2. That probably means it's all going to be brought in 5.2. Watch this space.

    Thirdly, I can understand their reasoning for Supernova. Imagine, as a PvPer, suddenly Rogues deal 100,000 damage whenever they Vanish. It's a big change, and it's something you'd have to get used to. There is logic in holding it back till the next season. As for Cataclysm... Let's face it, it bounced between being OP and UP multiple times. It couldn't be shipped with 5.2 since they had no clue what to do with it, nor could 5.2 be kept up for the sake of a single spell.

    Fourthly, you keep saying lore. To quote The Princess Bride, "I do not think it means what you think it means". If anything, I've found the lore over the course of WoW to have been refined to a very fine point (especially with some of the lore "iffyness" involved in WC1 and 2 in Draenor). But, anyway, you bring up that the "lore of the spell/quest" is crucial to you... But you don't say why or even what lore. Is it the idea of a council of Warlocks. Creating demonic flame from the depths of the earth to spew around you? Also, I would have thought that maybe Kael'Thas, Kil'Jaeden, the Blood Elves in Sunwell, the Fel orcs summoning Magtheridon... Would have been "warlock lore". But hey if you feel the first important NPC is Wilfred Fizzlebang, then it's your opinion.

    Fifthly, Blizzard have said time and again that nothing datamined should be taken as fact.

    And lastly, again, you cannot sue someone over creative differences. Legal action is a serious ramification, not something you can tout willy-nilly because you don't like X or Y or Z. If you want to protest via boycotting, that's fine. But, as a writer, seeing someone say "I dislike the way they are taking this story so I want to bring legal action" isn't enduring. It sounds childish. "I know it's your ball and you let me play football with you, but I don't care, Im taking the ball and going home". It's not my intent to make you feel bad, but its really, really, really not the thing to do. Also, best of luck getting the money and solicitors together for such action. Out of interest, how much practice/knowledge do you have of law, European or American?

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    9/10 would read again.

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    You do realize the more time, energy and money bilzzs spends on reading and answering your empty threats just prolongs the desired result your looking for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Firatha View Post
    Why are you so mad did he kick you in the balls while typing his post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Withdrawals View Post
    You do realize the more time, energy and money bilzzs spends on reading and answering your empty threats just prolongs the desired result your looking for.
    Aside from the fact that this isn't a Blizz forum, Dev team =/= Legal Team =/= Forum Team.

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    If you can't give some reasoning to agreeing or disagreeing with the OP then please just don't post at all. And keep the discussion civil, no flaming please.


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    To begin: we were never going to receive the green fire this patch. The only thing that it was speculated that we would receive was the beginnings of the quest chain, and not the green fire spell effects at all. In fact, the green fire was speculated for next patch anyhow - this was all datamined, implied, and speculated; Blizzard never confirmed any of this.

    Currently this is what we know: green fire is confirmed, and rather than the quest chain feeling disjointed, they are releasing it all at once - instead of doing the first part of the quests and receiving nothing, we are now receiving the entire chain for our green fire in the next patch - remind me again why you are complaining?

    We are all aware of Warlocks' performance in competetive PvP right now, and to say that they are not represented is absolutely false. I saw a few teams at the Blizzard Championships that had Warlocks in them, why share false anecdotal "evidence".

    You make no suggestions or give any advice on how Blizzard can correct these "mistakes" that they have made in your eyes, you would rather complain like an entitled child because you did not receive what we were never even promised in the first place. Warlocks are in a fine place right now.


    "and the changes this patch brought were mainly nerfs, from CB to the curses, even the autoattack problem in demon form had been quickly solved with a easy nerf to the spec."

    Our curses needed a nerf, they were far too strong. The Demonology spec was not "nerfed" when they removed the auto attack problem, they increased the power of Doom to compensate for PvE. In PvP, how much of a difference did this auto-attack really make?
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