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    What is the story/quest progression in 5.1?

    So, has anyone managed to find a cohesive story/quest progression for the 5.1 storyline or the Wrathion continuation? Did anyone ever end up compiling one based on the PTR or datamined info?

    I mean, Blizzard says in their patch notes that the story will continue based on your reputation. However, going from Neutral to Friendly yields nothing. At least nothing that I could find. Checked the Shrine, checked the camp, checked the Skyfire, even checked Stormwind. Nothing.

    Same thing with Wrathion. The datamined quests state that Wrathion should call you back after you complete the quest to get his reputation to Revered, but he doesn't. Are you supposed to complete the 6000 Valor quest too? None of the quests state that anywhere.

    Anyone have any idea?
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    Well seems like your interested in the Alliance version of events

    But Silencer put up a string of videos about the Horde story-line
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    ATM Horde side is BUGGED atm and hopin it be HOTFIXed soon

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    Yes, its the Alliance side.

    I can't find any guide showing, for example, "You start the quest with talking to the Scout, then you do intro quests A, B, and C. Then you do dailies until Friendly. Then X is opened up to you, and you can do other dailies. At Honored, Y happens, and you can do OTHER dailies, ect."

    Same for Wrathion. Quests on the PTR specifically say that after you finish the Revered quest (Which I had), you get called back to him. Not yet.

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    I remember getting a quest to do the Dagger in the Dark scenario...but when I completed it, I didn't have one. Then nothing happened. I assume it's bugged?

    Wrathion also has nothing new but I'm getting rep in the new area. I don't have the sigils part complete yet though.

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    I already got to Revered with him, and nothing. Supposedly, on the PTR once you did his "Honored to Revered" quest he called you back. Nothing yet.

    And, yes, the scenario quest did work for me. But if you're supposed to get another after it, it doesn't show up.

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    could've sworn I got a quest for daggers in the dark, but didn't get any quest complete, question marks, or new quests afterwards..

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    Dave Kosak finally explained how it worked:

    Operation: Shieldwall and Dominance Offensive storyline quests unlock every 2-3 days as you do the dailies. The story will slowly unfold!

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