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    How do you play games?

    So, I went a little crazy during the steam sale and ended up buying about 13 games (if you include the combos like ME1&2). So as I sit here staring at the folder I have all the launch icons in I'm having a hard time choosing. Do I want to finish off my restart of Skyrim (I never did the main quest and now I have Dawnguard), play some matches of Black Ops 2 (Yeah yeah, I know CoDlol, but meh. I had someone gift it to me for gold) or play through Mass Effect 1 and 2?

    My problem is I can't play 2 games at once, esp if they are heavy story games. I want to beat through one before moving on to the next.

    My question is are you like this? Or can you balance multiple games at once and play what ever you like?

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    I try to only play one game at a time, and I try to finish it before starting a new one. I know if I stop playing for a while and decide to play it later, more often than not I end up not finishing it. So normally I try to stick with whatever I'm playing at the time before moving on to the next game.

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    I normally play 1 at a time. I typically only buy 1 game at a time as well. Although i did buy 4 games at once a few months ago. I played about 1/2 way through Fallout 3, Star Ocean and Saint's Row 3. But then i never picked up any of those 3 again after i started playing the forth. Forza 4 has been in my xbox for the past 4 months. I just can't get enough of that game lol. Although i think i might pick up another game this weekend when i go to buy a new headset. Prolly gonna hit up the discount bin and see what gems i can find in there if anything.

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    I'm terrible, I have about 5 games on my desktop right now I need to finish.
    I suck at playing several games at once, but the problem is I have some I play with the girlfriend, and some I focus on myself. Though usually if I'm just by myself I finish off one game at a time.
    Which is also why it takes me forever to get anything finished, as the girlfriend tends to be around quite often. Oops.

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    Usually one game at a time (not counting MMOs)

    But right now I'm over halfway finished my BioShock run and that's on pause because I was playing ME3 for the new DLC. But normally, one game at a time.
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    1 MMO at a time, 1 Single-Player at a time.

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    I bounce around games at a whim pretty much. It's probably why I don't play subscription mmos anymore.

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    I never play more then 2 games at once. When I get bored of one, I take a break, but, unless the game is bad, I always return to finish it sometimes. It can take years (Spellforce 2, it took me 3 years to return to it and finish it) but I do in the end. If the game is horrible, I just dump it, but in general I don't really buy games that I hate, I look at reviews and stuff beforehand(*cough*and sometimes pirate them to test them if they lack demos only buying them if I like them *cough*) since I can't afford to buy everything that catches my eye.

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    I play 1 single-player + 1 competitive for PS3, and 1 full-screen + 1 windowed mode for PC.

    Currently, I'm playing Resident Evil 6 + Tekken Tag Tournament 2 + Mark of the Ninja + Guild Wars 2.

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    I usually dabble in several MMOs at once so long as they don't have subscriptions. When the one I am messing around with has a subscription that I can't get around, IE:I use RAF in rift to dodge the sub, I feel pressured to make the most of the subscription. Which is a feeling that I don't enjoy since I don't have a lot of free time. So I tend to have 4-5 mmos on my computer at once.
    Every now and then I get into moba moods. Use to be dota, then league, then I tried dota 2 and it just didn't have the magic of dota 1. I think dominion spoiled me. So much action. So little build up meta game crap. Then playing the EoN alpha/beta made dominion look slow... Now I am waiting for EoN to go live. Why couldn't they just keep the beta up? blarrgggghhh!
    Decent single player games feel few and far between. Granted, when I say decent I mean games that make it into the top XX games of all time sort of games. Like baldurs gate shadows of amn and icewinddale.
    Looking forward to firefall.
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    I'm really bad at sticking to one game. I have a lot of games that I'm halfway through but just don't feel like finishing up. Right now I'm mostly playing Borderlands 2 which I bought a few days ago, and hopefully I will actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time, but we'll see how that goes.

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    I'm mostly playing 1 MMORPG and 1 FPS together.
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    1 MMORPG - and float between a couple other games - Hitman: Absolution and Assasins Creeed III atm

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