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    Is 2-piece T14 worth it?

    Hi there.

    Long time Boomkin here. I've been spending some time trying to figure out how much dps t-14 2pc adds. In other words: how much dps is it worth when represented as some combination of Int/sp/crit/haste (in any combination). Maybe a better way to look at it is, how much effective DPS does it add in a fight compared to other attributes.

    As you can guess, the reason for my inquiry is that I have some more optimally itemized items in my bag (one being higher Ilvl then my raid finder tier helm).

    And for those of you that say "HIT A TARGET DUMMY, DUMMY". I have done that. A lot. I don't see much different to be honest, and maybe that is just the case, but I admit I just don't know the math behind it that well and I trust math more. Also, every fight is different and how often do we get to just stand and pew pew anymore? haha.

    Again, to summarize. Just wanted to know if anyone knows the exact dps increase of t14 2pc and what that equates to in primary and secondary stats.

    DISCLAIMER: I have searched the forums a few times, and haven't found much, but maybe I am just blind. If this is a re-post, I apologize and would appreciate a point in the right direction.


    Here's a link to my Armory!
    you'll have to copy paste, sorry

    Thanks again!

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    About 1500 DPS in patchwreck fights, in my gear ilvl 488. Obviously much more in a normal raid with more targets.

    (I used Wrathcalcs btw)

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    If starfall makes up for 20% of your damage in a boss fight, with 2p it makes 20% more, making it a 4% dps increase. It's not brain surgery.

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