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    Resto - Why considered OP?

    The question is really in the title but can someone please explain why resto is (or was before the totem nerf) considered so good in arena?

    They don't have much in the way of cc, they've only one instant cast, two if you count the talent and they're fairly easy to lock down.

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    Because they can do 800k NS healcrit inside an arena. (I know I made one last week, my thought was that it's really balanced combined with our mastery)

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    Shamans are considered good for these reasons

    tremor totem for fears
    grounding totem for spells, you can ground a grip, ground a HoJ
    earthbind for AoE slow
    windshock for interrupt
    riptide is instant
    healing stream totem
    shaman mastery means you can gem spirit instead of pvp power since the lower the hp of your target the larger heal you will put out, therefore you get better mana regen

    Primarily you can keep your team on the offence

    Spirit link totem if things go bad

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