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    [h-est] 10m 2/6h mv 6/6 hof 1/4 tes | lf 1 tank - 1 dps - 1 healer

    <Slayed Like a Dragon>
    10-player Horde Raiding Guild on Eredar-US

    Slayed Like a Dragon, is a guild structured between some friends and new recruits.

    Noteworthy achievements:

    - Blackwings Bane - 3/29/11
    - Dragonslayer - 5/15/11
    - Heroic Madness of Deathwing - 3/15/12
    - Heroic Lich King - 8/10/10


    MV: 2/6H
    HOF: 6/6N
    TES: 1/4N


    Tues, Wed, Thurs: 7:00pm - 11:00pm EST

    Class Openings:

    Our needs as of 12-8-2012 (If not listed, please apply. All applications will be reviewed)

    - 1 Tank (Paladin or DK)
    - 1 Dps (Rogue, Frost DK, Enh Shammy, Monk or Shadow Priest)
    - 1 Healer (Holy Pally or Monk)

    We are ALWAYS looking for high caliber players to raid.

    Please understand we all sit, this is a group oriented guild.

    Contact Information:

    Ingame - Postmixed, Kayhe, Awkilles (Awkilles#1695)

    Contact us anytime through any of these methods. We can answer your questions quickly and plainly and you'll get to know us.

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    bump because we are still looking

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    bump because we are still looking

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    bump because we are still looking

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