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    Cool ilvl 465 Ret Pally LF Sunday night raiding!

    I am an experienced raider, i cleared ICC with only the 5% buff, back when it was current and then also went 6/6 in cata.

    I am looking for a core 10/25m spot that raids Sunday nights. It can be a long night since it is once a week I am okay with that.

    I am dedicated, and also willing to transfer/race change.

    I research my class/spec daily to make sure if anything changes, I know what I need to do.

    I take pride in being able to do good dps for my gear and survive.

    I have a really awesome computer so Im sitting at 60+fps in a 25m raid on ultra, so no issues there.

    I am 4/6 on my warlock in normal, but I just don't really enjoy playing him, so I want to raid more with my paladin. I know all the fights in MSV, and have spent hours on the first boss in HoF getting to 10% because people cant not get hit by attenuation.

    Im interested in moving quickly and joining a new guild asap!


    If the link doesn't work look up Øptimus on the llane server in the longshot guild!

    my email is [email protected] if you would like to contact me directly.


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    bump, currently up to 467 now.

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    Bump 470 now. can also do tuesday nights late as well.

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    ilvl 477 now....tuesdays or sunday (not both) evenings till late EST.

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