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    RPing an undead Death Knight

    Hey all,

    I have always enjoyed the lore of both the Forsaken and Death knights. So recently I rolled and leveled one. Had a great time leveling and I have come to find that I really love the game style of the DK.

    Now, I don't play on a RP server, however, like many players I do RP on my own. But with this character I have trouble understanding how a Forsaken DK really fits into the world. Take the Tillers for example. Would you really find an undead with a farm? I love the tillers area and on my paladin I am exhaulted.

    What reason would a forsaken have for working on a farm? This is just one example. I suppose what I am inquiring is, how do you folks play Forsaken? How do they fit into the world? What's their reason for farming, fishing, etc....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger382 View Post
    What reason would a forsaken have for working on a farm?
    Some forsaken forsake [no pun intended] a life of evil and being notorious, and settle down for a life of something simpler, i.e farming.

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    money? 10char

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    I can see a DK fishing as a means of relaxing himself and using it as an escapism.

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