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Thread: Mind Control

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    Mind Control

    Every class but healer priests has something to interrupt a 10 second cast and you cant really do anything when you are dominating someone. Every healer class has an interrupt and a ranged cc, we dont have one. Isn't it a bit unfair ? Here is the deal, make mc baseline and make it control people like they are pets so we can still move them, make them attack etc. etc. while not ccing ourselves. And sure give it a cooldown like 30-45 secs. Priests need a ranged cc to be able to compete with other healers. How does it sound ?

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    Holy Word: Chastise.
    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    30 sec cd 3 sec disorient with all weakness of holy vs. cyclone, repentance, hex+totemthrowing while all others overthrow you in mana regen, output and mobility ?

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