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    Yeah I totally agree that I shouldn't be top dps - I'm not looking to be, I'm lookin to make sure I understand the class, make sure I'm reforming and gemming as I should and that my dps is as good as it can be for my gear level. I like the fact I can throw out hots to help healers out if needs be, and have the utility that other classes don't. As said - Druid is new class to me was only ever used as a professions alt , so appreciating all help.

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    I had a question regarding multi-dotting and thought it best not to create a new thread. When you have 2-4 targets when should you refresh dots? Only at each change in eclipse so you can push faster to lunar and starfall? Or all the time to utilize starsurge procs? Should I instead focus on double dot for main target and eclipse dot for the rest? I guess this is the area I'm weaker at and would love some help. Thanks.

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