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    What made you start playing a rogue?

    Me personaly I have always enjoyed the stealthed assassin appeal, how about anyone else?

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    13 years old and thought it would be cool with a ninja, now I'm 20 and still playing that same rogue :d MoP however is the first expansion I'm seriously considering a complete reroll.

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    The concept of the stealthy assassin, jumping out of the shadow to burst you down with fast, heavy hitting abilities, or the agile duelist, outplaying and manipulating you in even combat.

    Unfortunately, neither of that applies to the class anymore...

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    Basically I really liked the storyline in warcraft3 and made a night elf , I wanted to weild the warglaives so I made a rogue , I was a male

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    ive played stealthy high burst characters since dark age of camelot in.. 2002ish? Of course rogues in this game have gotten far from that. :-/

    I found killing spree to be an awsome ability in the begining (tons of burst, unstopable while you do it, and sticking to the tagret allowing you to avoid certain mechanics) so ive prefered combat, but thats since been nerfed and ive been forced to go mut

    why am i still a rogue?

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    Very much the same idea as you, OP - I wanted to kill things from out of the shadows, backstabbing anyone who got in my way. Granted that was 11 years ago and trying to play a rogue on Everquest as my first character was an AWFUL idea, but it remains the class I just *have* to try in any game.

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    I had been playing a healing priest since Vanilla and when contemplating a reroll in BC I wanted a real change in gameplay so DPS it was, preferably melee, and rogue was my natural choice.
    I love him ever since and since I was optimizing him best I could, he was fairly useful to my guild on fights where fewer healers were needed or more rogues were needed specifically our first Yogg 0 kill or our first anub'arak kill.
    Never went back and this is the only char I play now.

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    Honestly? I needed to farm lockboxes for The Insane title....

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    I raided in Vanilla as a druid and always wanted to play as feral while I raided as resto. TBC comes around and feral is viable Game comes out and I rush to 70 while tanking along the way. Soon I am tanking BM and others for Karazhan attunement. Soon find out that they want me to heal and ferals were apparently not going to be viable.

    I said eff it, rolled the ugliest orc rogue in defiance and joined my friends guild. Ended up server first Illidan and playing a rogue since.

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    Speaking totally sincerely and not mindlessly bashing at all:

    Everything that made me roll my rogue 7 years ago no longer applies to the class or has been removed entirely. It's a shame, but it's 100% accurate.
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    A better expansion.
    Rogue was one of the last classes I played and TBH it has nothing to do with the stealthy ninja assassin crap. At first I only played one because I was trying to max every class in the game. My favorite aspect is the satisfying simplicity, rogue doesn't feel bloated with a ton of abilities that you don't really need like a lot of other classes.

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    Just wanted to see what class I liked the most, went with a gnome rogue after leveling my paladin to level 70 and I enjoyed my rogue so much more than anything else I played.

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    I think it was late 2005 or 2006, since the release I was playing a dwarf hunt and I was bored, I watched World of Roguecraft and Grim videos! It was a revelation! I wanted an undead rogue to stunlock people to death! (not really the case anymore)

    And I still play my ugly a$$ bald undead rogue (I play exclusively undeads since then...)

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    a friend had wow and played with a rogue in bgs around lvl 35 , i jumped in to see how the game is and i started to love it right away i loved the 2.0 daggers so nice ambushes and the fact that u can get out of stealth and kill some1 none of that is still on atm lol

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    Got tired of trying to ret it up in BGs and wanted an easier route, that may come across as flame baiting but it's my genuine reason.
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    in wotlk i was doing dailies at the argent tournament place. it was an area right next to a cliff and it dropped off in to the ocean. i remember hearing that sound it makes when a rogue is sinking poisons in to a target. i turn around and see a human rogue own some guy. then she took out another. when back up arrived she blinded the guy or else he woulda killed her. then she jumps off the cliff and i fly down after her. i see her parachuting down and then just stealth in mid air. 2 people killed and she was outta there james bond style.

    i made my rogue shortly after and lvled up engineering so i could do the same. and i have :-)

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    I like it because it has a good balance of realistic abilities (backstab, smokebomb, gouge, blind) and powerful stealthy, magical, but not overly magical, abilities (shadowstep, cloak).

    I always played powerful, easy to be mediocre at, but hard to master, type of gameplay, like a sniper. Not the CoD snipers who noscope/quickscope from 15 feet away, but the BF snipers who have bullet drop, travel time on the bullet, etc. and dont get many kills, but the ones they do get are very rewarding because of the amount of setup each one took. Thats how I wish rogues were now. Now each kill feels like a miricle, that we just got lucky.

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    Started out as an ele sham in vanilla. Found myself in a raiding guild doing MC, Ony and AQ 20. This whole time I'm casting lightning bolts from range dropping totems I'm watching our rogue lead always up in melee in the action. He just looked so cool to me, sprinting around with his daggers and vanishing to laugh at us when everyone died. He just always looked so active... here's me standing here spamming lightning and on totem duty.

    So I rolled a rogue for TBC when a few of my RL friends started playing and have never ever looked back since. World PvP and just messing with people with stealth/vanish/distract/sap is just too fun. Like a few people in this thread, I'm addicted to the play-style now as well. SWTOR? Shadow. GW2? Thief. Dark Souls? Thief. Mass Effect? Infiltrator.
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    The screenshot from the original box, where you see a Night elf male (I believe he is even referred to as a rogue in the text that goes with the screenshot) dualwielding less flashy glaives and the love for Demon hunters and Rogue was the class most similar.

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