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    What would you taste like to a cannibal?

    come..take the quiz!!!

    apparently i taste like grilled beef.
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    Spicy Beef, apparently. Although I always figured I would taste like some sort of spicy bacon.

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    The Patient
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    Roasted chicken.

    I approve of this, and I offer myself unto any cannibal willing to partake.

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    sweet sweet manmeat

    really though, coke zero and newports probably
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    See how dumb that model is?

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    Roasted chicken : |

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    Apparently I'm roasted fish.

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    You would most likely taste like barbequed fish. I don't like fish at all =/.

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    Broiled chicken. Would eat Skelington out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Apparently I'm roasted fish.
    Same. I even specifically said I never swim.

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    You would most likely taste like broiled beef

    I sound quite tasty.

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    Roasted beef, not too bad I guess.
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    Broiled fish... well now..

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    Grilled chicken, surprisingly. I would have guessed fried butter with melted butter dipping sauce.

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    Come on... Us Westerners would all just taste like beer-battered long pig with baked-in transfatty goodness.
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    Human's taste like pork.. Here piggy piggy..

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    Roasted Beef, here.

    /eats himself

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    Delicious mesquite tofu. ^______^
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    Undercooked chicken. Guess I must carry salmonella. Not bad though. I guess I'd eat myself if I was dying of starvation.
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    Mesquite tofu. Actually I have no idea what's that, other than having something in common with soy.

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    I'd taste like person, duh; but according to the test, I'd taste like Roasted Chicken.

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