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    Hire an architect to build me a house with ATLEAST:

    Several secret bookcase doors (1 leading to a pron room, 1 leading to a cinema, some randoms)
    A spiral slide next to the spiral stairs (for the kids....)
    A Garage thats hidden beneath a rock (like thunderbirds)
    A indoor pool, with a waterslide from the bedroom to the pool (You all know the picture)

    Build a house for my mom and give her enough money to live care free
    Build her a house in the Provance (france)
    Same for my sisters

    Buy a Mercedes SL (i just love it), and maybe have another car custom made by an artist
    Get a chalet in the Alpes (for wintersports)
    Build a giant villa somewhere to fly in my friends 3 or 4x a year for a week of partying

    Make my own beer brand
    Get a clothing line out for women called "Your welcome bro"
    Bring out an official book with tips how to pick up women based on quotes by Barney Stinson and accumulated SCIENTIFIC data called "The Bro Code". If its copyrighted ill buy the rights.

    After i got all that, i would spend the rest of my life lying somewhere on a beach or yacht, snorting coke and p*ssy.

    Oh and i would donate 50$ to charity because f*ck charity, what you think im made of? Money?

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    Just thought of this:

    Id also buy a Nuke and throw it on an uninhabited part of Iran or Pakistan somewhere. Just to see how they respond.

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    the bro above needs a fist bump.

    id end up having two houses built for me, one next to the other. one for me and my family, and one for all the cars i will end up buying, jay leno wont have shit on what i'd end up getting.

    id do some other things with the cash, but im at work instead, so i dont have time to think about it. :P

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    Well i would get my shit together and get the driver licence and then buy the newest audi r8 model to school. All be jelly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiift View Post
    Id also buy a Nuke and throw it on an uninhabited part of Iran or Pakistan somewhere. Just to see how they respond.
    I'll start by saying nobody gives a shit about Pakistan anymore, and you can actually throw the nuke in a inhabited part of Iran because they have anti-missile defense systems.
    That guy (>'.')>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
    I'd get a lawyer, a tax accountant, and a banker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jayburner View Post
    go into hiding.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    hire an architect and build my self one awesome house.
    Hire an accountant and banker to make some calculations for how to spent my money in terms of longevity.

    Those, in that order.

    Pay everything off, hired some trusted lawyers, a banker and accountant. Get my account set so i wont run out of money... ever. even if i have to sent strict spending limits on my account.

    /Vanish so "family" and "friends" wont come asking for money/help.

    Set up shop in a custom build home with a huge yard (around 150 - 200 feet on all sizes) 15 foot tall wall with spikes surrounded by trees that bloom year ound

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    I'd pay off every major debt I owe and every major debt owed by my family/friends. Any of them with car payments, credit card debt, medical expenses, mortgages, etc, would get taken care of. My _real_ friends and family, that is. I know a lot of people would be coming out of the woodwork claiming to be my distant cousins, old "friends" from school, etc. I'd likely tell those people to fuck off.

    I'd also talk to a financial advisor or CPA of some sort. Gotta make sure I'm going to stay in good shape for the long term.

    First thing I'd actually buy would probably be parts to build myself a badass gaming rig that makes all the lights in the city dim for a second when I power it up, and I'd constantly be upgrading it to keep it on the cutting edge. I'd have a huge game collection with it. And I'd probably use monster sized wall mounted displays (about 10 or so would work) with a badass speaker system.

    I definitely wouldn't do anything stupid with it though. There would not be any dumb shit like $20k gold toilet seats or the "I have more money than common sense so I bought this" stuff in my house. I've heard stories about lottery winners (or otherwise rich people like celebrities) who ended up broke a couple of years down the road because they overspent, blew it all gambling, etc. I'd probably go on a spending spree for a little bit there, but I'd definitely keep enough set aside to live comfortably for the rest of my life and never have to worry about working or being in financial trouble again.
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    Very first thing?

    Pass out...literally, pass the fuck out from the overwhelming sense of ecstasy.

    When I woke up, I'd hire an A-grade financial adviser and a lawyer.

    First move with the money: pay off all family and friends debt...literally...ALL of it.
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    1. Find an island with a volcano.
    2. Build a base in that volcano.
    3. Hire Top Men to make Doomsday Device.
    4. Make failsafe that has it blow when I die or a bomb goes off near it.
    5. Threaten to blow up the world unless they give me One Meeeelion Dollars. (pinky to corner of mouth)
    6. Blow up world when they either laugh at me or give me money.

    ... yes I am serious. Except for #5.

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    I would split it up with family and good friends for their financial troubles whatever it may be and then use the rest of the money for myself to get my own place to live, a car (not a fancy super expensive sport car either just a decent car like the Mini Cooper) and just live in peace for the rest of my life doing things I've always wanted to do like traveling around the world.

    Also I would spend some on video games.

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    Oh well like you, of course I'd buy a fricken amazing house, or more likely a spot of land and build an amazing house on it, and buy an awesome car.

    But the first thing I'd do? Go to a mall and go on a huge shopping spree buying pretty much everything you could think of, and do a massive food shop as well.
    All that stuff I've seen that I thought "Na, to expensive" but still thought it'd be nice to have, yea. I'd buy all that.

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    buy way into being a CEO of blizzard and fix whats bad about wow..also balence pvp.
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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