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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome one View Post
    Good Ways to make Cash Quickly?
    Find loot chests, do the hunt/wanted side quests and sell all the trash items that you loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome one View Post
    Good Ways to make Cash Quickly?
    Play a lot of poker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olli View Post
    Everybody seems to be hating tigers .. I love them!
    Fuck yeah man, I cleared an entire camp once by luring some tigers into it with rocks. Was pretty great, didn't even get detected

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    I just remembered I haven't even tried the multiplayer in this game. If I want to play multiplayer FPS, I usually go to BF3.

    Can anyone tell me if the multiplayer is any good in Far Cry 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    I just remembered I haven't even tried the multiplayer in this game. If I want to play multiplayer FPS, I usually go to BF3.

    Can anyone tell me if the multiplayer is any good in Far Cry 3?
    The multiplayer is pretty good I'm level 40 something now, just got my heavy body armor which really helps. It's pretty much the same as cod except with custom user created maps.

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    I bought Far Cry 3 on the PS3 and it makes my TV crash. The PS3 runs it fine but my flat screen has to reboot every 20 or so seconds to deal with the image. It really sucks.

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    Anyone's views for this game, Console or PC? I weirdly prefer console for this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustintimeSS View Post
    C-4 and the .50 cal sniper rifles kill them in one shot.

    The second Island seemed 100% easier in my opinion. Probably because I got everything possible from the first island before moving on and was essentially max level with every weapon.
    C-4 is awesome!!! I need to unlock the .50 cal. Really need to try that baby out.

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    PC Mods for FC3! - Adds Realism to game

    For those that have the PC version of the game you can head over to FarCry Nexus and download some user created mods!

    There are a bunch of compilations that people have created that changes the gameplay drastically. For the better, imo.

    Check out Ziggys mod here -

    The changes Ziggy makes are follows:

    Gameplay Changes

    • Removed mission requirements for all skills. (Some skills still have secondary requirements to unlock)
    • Unlocked wingsuit abilities after you complete the world map part of the tutorial.
    • Removed the delay before being able to use the wingsuit after jumping.
    • Changed button to deploy wingsuit. Press and release jump button to jump as normal, or press and hold the jump button to jump and deploy the wingsuit.
    • Removed minimap, replaced it with Ceano's compass.
    • Removed ability to see enemies and animals through walls. (Tagging disabled)
    • Removed indicators that an enemy has spotted you.
    • Removed enemy sniper lasers.
    • Removed auto-reload for all guns and removed reload reminder. (Watch your ammo!)
    • Increased height before recieving fall damage to be more realistic.
    • Increased how steep of a slope you can climb to be more realistic.
    • Increased wallet sizes to better match the new weapon prices.
    • Increased loot bag sizes by 8 so you don't feel so restricted at the start of the game.
    • Added a small amount of XP for skinning animals and picking plants. (5 XP each)
    • Added XP for finding a memory card, since you get XP for finding other collectibles. (50 XP)
    • Increased XP from radio towers by 20% since they no longer give free weapons.
    • Interact with objects by pressing the interaction button instead of holding it.
    • Unlocked Hoyt's island from game start.
    • Faster animation for looting enemies.
    • Increased spawn rates for enemies, animals and encounter events. (Does not change outposts or mission areas)

    Weapon Changes

    • Rebalanced all weapon stats, including enemy weapons (same stats as player weapons), mounted weapons and enemy helicopters.
    • Damage is now more consistent based on ammo type.
    • Range, fire rates, recoil and clip sizes all rebalanced to be more realistic.
    • Shotguns have a much tighter spread so that you aren't shooting pretty much sideways with them. They are very powerful at close range!
    • Sniper rifles are now a big threat for both player and NPCs. They are powerful weapons and enemies can use them from further away now.
    • Added location-based damage for all guns. For unarmored humans, headshots now kill in one hit, torso shots do mediocre damage and leg shots do less damage. This effects both player and NPCs. (Headshots do not kill players in one hit, but they will do extra damage)

    Crafting Changes

    • All syringe recipes unlocked from game start, except special syringes.
    • Removed enhanced perception and nature boy syringes since they serve no purpose now.
    • All gear upgrade crafting recipes rebalanced to make it more challenging and add more variety. It won't be so easy to get all of the upgrades at the start of the game any more, and you will have to hunt a bigger variety of animals.
    • Health syringes are now crafted with two green leaves, temp health syringes are crafted with two green leaves and one white leaf.
    • Hunting syringes are now crafted with two amber leaves.
    • Combat syringes are now crafted with two crimson leaves.
    • Exploration syringes are now crafted with two blue leaves
    • Special syringes are now crafted with two white leaves.
    • All syringes last for 60 seconds. (75 or 90 seconds after skill upgrades)
    • Fire arrows are now crafted with a crimson leaf instead of a molotov.
    • Explosive arrows are now crafted with an amber leaf instead of a grenade.

    Store Changes

    • All weapons unlocked from game start, except signature weapons and the tanto knife.
    • Removed free weapon unlocks from radio towers.
    • Updated weapon stats on the store's interface to properly match their new stats.
    • Rebalanced the prices of all weapons to better match their power and usefulness.
    • Shops will now only charge you for the ammo that you need, not a preset minimum amount of ammo.
    • Rebalanced the values of animal skins to make hunting more worthwhile.
    • Animal skins will now be sold with quick sell option. (Be careful if you're collecting them for crafting)
    • Added all attachments for all weapons except sound supressors for shotguns.
    • Removed maps from shop since they serve no purpose now.
    • Japanese tanto unlocked for free after 6 lost letters found, and is stronger than machete.
    • Tribal knife unlocked from game start. You can either buy it for a high price in the store, or the Rakyat will give it to you as a gift for removing the scramblers from all 18 radio towers. It is stronger than both the machete and the tanto. (Deluxe edition only)
    • Decreased the cost of weapon paints to $20.
    • Stores now sell animal repellent and endorphin boost syringes.

    Aesthetic and Audio Changes

    • Removed almost all HUD pop-up messages. (English only)
    • Removed all interaction prompts. (English only)
    • Removed the exclamation mark icon from the pause menu.
    • Removed blinking effect on lootable objects.
    • Enemies now wear green camoflauge clothing instead of bright red shirts.
    • Jason now wears camoflauge pants.
    • Removed some background textures to give several menus a cleaner look.
    • Added a new background and some new textures for the pause and shop menus for a cleaner look.
    • Removed various sounds, including: HUD pop-ups, grenade switch, ammo/armor/health full, tagging, interaction prompts, level up, detection indicator, pause and world map humming.
    • Removed mission objective icon and arrows. (Use waypoint if you need a guide)
    • Added Khenaz's Better Sights mod, for improved scope sights.
    • Entire map is viewable from game start. (Radio towers still give XP, reveal types of animals nearby and unlock supply drop missions)
    • Removed Fog of War around enemy outposts from world map.
    • Removed collectible and vehicle icons from the world map. (You have to find things yourself)
    • Removed animal icons from the world map. Instead, the world map only shows whether the each area has aggressive or timid animals.
    • Replaced most icons on the world map with cleaner-looking icons. Also added a cleaner-looking waypoint icon in-game.
    • Removed all in-game icons (mission starts, activities, etc) except the player-set waypoint marker, but they can still be found on the world map.
    • Removed the squares, icons and other un-needed things from the camera screen.
    • Removed all loading screen tips since many of them are no longer accurate. (English only)
    • Removed Citra's red body paint.

    I am in no way taking credit for the above mod. I am highly endorsing it. I enjoyed playing the vanilla version of FC3, but when I came across these modders, I was BLOWN away at the changes the PC community has created.

    What I didn't like about Ubisofts version of their game is all of the handholding they provided to me - Glowing bodies, minimap with all icons visible - tagging and wallhacking of enemies - crafting system is a joke - main map showing where ALL animals are located, etc.

    Don't like all of the changes Ziggy provides? No problem, you can pick from a list of other mods that most suits what you are looking for.

    I recommend starting a fresh game with the use of this mod to utilize all of the changes. Some changes will not apply to an existing saved game
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    did they make some updates to the game recently? i hadnt played in a few weeks, and just went on now and it seemed a bit different. there was some new missions on my map called "lost expedition" that i havn't seen before, they were quite fun. and the other thing i noticed is there seems to be a lot more fighting between rebels/pirates and animals seem to be more aggressive.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Haven't played this game for quite a while, there's little reason to come back after finishing the entire game

    I might play the game on the hardest dificulty some time

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    Far cry starts off as a great game and slowly declines to mediocrity and below towards the end. Worth the 50.

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    The ending was weak. Both alternate endings were not good.

    Once Vaas died, the game went a bit down hill. Vaas was the best villian.

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    Loving this game so far. I'm a big open-world fan and this is also the first Far Cry game i've played. I love the realism the game brings, its not always constant shoot outs, and it has that sort of WoW resource feeling to it. (having to gather etc). Great part is that after you finish single player, you still have co-op and multiplayer

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    I've also found a Breaking Bad easter egg in the game.

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    The game is a blast for the first few hours. Just gets way to repetitive. Also could not get behind the whole rich college kid story. The story never came together for me. Actually spent my time rooting for Vance.
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    Yeah, I'm probably going to get this day one....

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    Wow...that DLC...yeah. =)

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    Holy crap that is so awesome! Having so many flashbacks. Anyone else thought they saw some scrambled porn in there?
    Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot.
    Who had nearly fought the Dragon of Angnor.
    Who had almost stood up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol.
    And who had personally wet himself, at the Battle of Badon Hill.

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