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    Share your wierd dreams.

    Some times the mind works in the wierdest ways at night. We have all(most likely) experience it

    So lets share!
    Its simple.
    Share one of your wierdest dreams/craziest you have had. Hopefully it will give some good reads.

    I will start.
    In my dream I was down in my living room and the all 4 walls was an Ipad.
    The ''Ipad Wall'' had tons of picture of pretty looking girls.
    And somehow my mind wanted me to masturbate in my dream to one of these pictures.
    So I scrolled down the ''Ipad'' for quite a while untill I found one girl I found attractive.
    Suddenly I was in my shower, lying on my stomach trying to give myself a blowjob while thinking of one of these girls on the Ipad.
    I did not manage to come so I was suddenly back in my living room again scrolling through the Ipad untill I found another girl I wanted.
    And then again i was in the shower lying on my stomach giving myself a blowjob.

    I then wake up finding myself lying on the floor trying to desperatly hump the floor while half asleep with a wet boxer.
    It was wierd.

    Share your wierd dreams.

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    I was standing next to my house. Then i suddenly saw flying UFO. I was really afraid and then a big light was thrown at me. Some dark person was walking to me, i thought that i'll see a real alien. I was dissapointed because that person was my mum telling me i'm late for school. Then i woke up.

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    Back just after high school:

    One of the guys in my math class snapped, AK47 the building. Had bodies lined up, I was in the line, injured but not dead. He started going down the line putting a bullet in each head. Got to me. Shot me. Killed me. I "wake up" in my mom's house, very low gravity. A friend is coming over. Knock at the door! Go to door and open it. Outside is only a purple void. Nothing exists except the house and me.

    In other various dreams I have died (and woken up right after) by:
    Being lit on fire.
    Falling off a cliff.
    Being blown up by a terrorist.
    Being stabbed with a sword.
    Having my throat slit.

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