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    2 Disc 25 Man Viability

    Hey guys!

    In my 25 man guild we are 2 priests. In DS we were both disc specced and healed everything no problemo. What I want to know is how viable are 2 disc priests in a 25 man raid for the MoP raids?

    Neither of us really want to go holy atm because we love the disc spec


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    Depends on the fight really, for a few fights we use both priests as disc, mostly our GM stays holy but there are a few where 2 discs are good.

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    Its viable on anything, and you'll want as many as you can for heroic empress shek'zeer. (We made our shadow priests go disc =D)

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    Very viable since bubble spam is pretty minimal now that we have spirit shell. You'll still get rapture procs on CD without any major headache.

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