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    Varian. Vol'jin is pretty cool too.

    Budd. And Mylune of course <3

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    Dr. Varian Wrynn

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    Lor'themar Theron or Wrathion.

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    Illidan because I choose to believe Blizzards writing sucked. Other than that they've pretty much killed off all my favourite lore heros... yippie.

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    but seriously Cho, Chen, and Budd.

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    Sylvanas after Illidan got butchered by Lore and later butchered by players...

    though they make good progress butchering Sylvanas too... dying and getting resurrected too often; its like Dragonball Z...

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    Garrosh. Finally the Horde is back to being a badass war machine instead of just a bunch of hippies in tents. Too bad that won't last.

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    King Varian, I like how he is becoming more savage and hope he finally snaps and goes insane, launching all Alliance forces at the Horde in a massive invasion.

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    That's a good question...

    I really don't find any of them alluring much anymore. I think Wrathion is an amazing character. I used to think highly of Alexstrasza, but having her added in the game kinda took a lot of the mystery away. Sylvanas too, used to like her but, she's kind of a jerk.

    I do like Voss, I think she shouldn't have been added just to be destroyed. Also a fan of Deathguard Belmont but, that's more NPC than hero.
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    MALFURIOOOOOOOON!!!!!! THE SHANDO!!!! the man's evolved so much that these days HE'S GOT GLOWING MANA TATTOOS!!! That's some FABLE LOOKIN CRAP I SAY!!!!

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    i'd go for Anduin he should be king!

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    Current living ones, well that's harder.. think I will go with Sylvanas.

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    Nathanos Marris aka. The Blightcaller aka. Champion of the Banshee Queen aka. Hunter Trainer.

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    Well, since Deathwing and Teron Gorefiend are no more... I'll have to go with Garrosh. Yes, Garrosh. He's a badass. I hope he doesn't die.

    A few years ago I would've said Thrall, but I don't like his current hippie jesus role. I don't mind Aggra, but I do mind "Go'el", ugh. If he would don the Doomhammer plate again and turn a bit more aggressive, maybe just maybe I could like him again.

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    Runk Windtamer

    Reason. Translate the name from swedish to english and you know why.

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    Lor'themar Theron, I do hope they crown him king some day ,no matter if he wants or not ;P
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    Budd, always Budd. His ADD reminds me of me at times.. OOOO SHINY!

    Vol'jin as well and definitely Shandris Feathermoon only because during that time she was op as hell and would destroy EVERYONE. So my friend and I and a few others kited her to Garrosh and Org, and promptly gave him a butt woopin.... Oh and the other 200+ in Orgrimmar.. We didn't fraps it but this video is close to what i was talking about.

    minute 1:50 is where she encounters Garrosh....then shit got real!

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    sylvanas. she's cool
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