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    Best leveling spec?

    So guys I recently have decided to hop servers and work on leveling some profession bitches.

    What spec is considered the best for leveling a warlock?

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    I leveled with affliction (as usual for me i guess), at 85-87 i could just dot up and run, dot, run, drain soul for shards, dot etc....and everything was dying.

    Then i respeced to demo at 87-88 and didn't look back. Was leveling in DA also. All instants, much higher dmg, tank pet, was much easier vs those high hp mobs in the later parts that you can't just aoe.

    I also hear destro is really good for one shotting mobs from range. But can't imagine it being faster then other 2 in later pandaria.

    So, you can just take a pick. they are all viable.
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    Demonology and Affliction both are viable, I prefer Affliction coz you can multi-dot everthing pulling a pack of adds without dying. Super fast to level.

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    Ive always been affliction so I'm a little biesd. a few tips tho if your gonna go that rout would be to go with your soul link and grimoire of supremacy...keeping the void lord out . If you get below 25% health drop the soul link and soul burn summon a new void lord. but the reason i do that is to get the most use out of the dark regen. as well as my pet gets the affects from Glyph of Siphon Life, Glyph of Soul Consumption and an occasional drain life, at least that's what I use when farming for motes or whatever and I can go for hours with a constant stream of 4-5 targets with out having to stop to heal myself (saves on your repair bill as well). Glyph of Demon Training may help as well haven't tried it.

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    They all work well. I used Demo and the Demon Hunting glyph and I would generally pull 8-12 mobs and just AOE them down. Pretty efficient.

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    I haven't played my lock since 80, but my guild wants one. I was just about to dust it off... and was looking for a just this topic. Thanks.

    I've never played Demo...always been Afflic. I hear it's amazing, so I can't wait to see how it is.
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    Affliction here for the horde lock. May do demo for the alliance lock just for some variety but I know how much I love to play affliction so demo may not last very long.

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