View Poll Results: Kill Megaman off for good?

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  • Yes,it's been ruined.

    3 21.43%
  • NO!! Bring him back on Wii U or something!

    11 78.57%
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    Bring back Megaman!

    Old school Megaman,not anything passed the X series.

    I mean come on,listen to the music.

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    The X series and Legends where my all time favorite franchises of the series.

    However, Capcom IMO has not handled any of their IPs well, like cancelling MML3 due to a lack of supposed interest from fans, most people however are calling BS on that. I would personally like to see them sell the rights to Megaman off to some one that wont mishandle it like they have over the last few years.

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    Megaman battlenetwork was good but I agree bring back megaman idc what it is
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    The last few iterations haven't really been all that great. Let it rest and bring it back strong after a vacation.

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    I agree.Imagine at least a New Megaman U sidescroller.I'd be happy with that,Capcom

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    I would LOVE to see a new Mega Man game, but I'm afraid of what Capcom would do to it with Inafune gone.

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    I actually would love to see a new game or series set place before the original MegaMan series starring Bad Box-Art MegaMan from Street Fighter X Tekken. Make it have the same standard classic game play but with 3D graphics and make it a kind of over-dramatic comedic nod to classic NES era MegaMan games and plots. Make Bad-Box MM be like a kind of proto-type for MegaMan that is just some guy working for a younger Dr. Light and Wily that gets a powered up suit and arm cannon and has to fight various out of control robots.

    Or make a new, better version of Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

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