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    Spell Alert export request for Power Auras.

    Hello there,
    This might seem a little simple, but 5.1 brought a new Spell Alert texture for Omen of Clarity for feral druids, and I rather enjoy the look of it. But I'm also using Power Auras to customize how things show up for me just a little bit. I am using the original Spell Alert texture for Omen of Clarity, found from a thread here such as "Cataclysm auras for Power Auras" on this forum. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to export the new Spell Alert texture from WoW into a TGA file? Or if anyone would be so kind as to share where such an export already might have been uploaded and shared, as I've yet to find one so current. Thank you very much for your time.

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    The file's already used in WoW, so it's somewhere in the art files. Never worked with the alerts system before, sadly, but I'm sure you can do a /dump of its texture when it's shown and then use that texture in PowA.

    I can look into it when I get some free time if nobody else has gotten around to it by then.
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    Thank you very much for the reply! Is /dump just a command you can use in game?

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    Try this the next time it procs:
    /run for a,b in pairs(SpellActivationOverlayFrame.overlaysInUse) do print(a,GetSpellLink(a),b.texture:GetTexture(),b.texture:GetVertexColor()) end
    Drycoded from looking at the FrameXML, but should give you a list of spell IDs + links for all overlays shown plus the texture and vertex color used.
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    Thank you, but I seem to be getting an error. I can't paste the whole error message into a post here because the forums thinks there's a link in the message, for which I haven't posted enough times yet, but I think the main point is:

    Message: [string "for a,b in pairs(SpellActivationOverlayFram..."]:1: attempt to index field 'texture' (a nil value)
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