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    how the fuck are people blaming LFR's loot system for not getting loot? Random percentage drops are still fucking random percentage drops. You have a better chance at loot through LFR now that every player in the raid can get loot instead of everyone rolling over 2-4 items. The Sha of Confirmation bias will make fools of us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pvrwizard View Post
    because the same exact thing didn't happen in cataclysm, WOTLK, TBC and Vanilla right? months without seeing an item drop that you could use.. .and THEN hopeing to win the roll against other people waiting for the same item or people who the item wasn't really intended for.
    As I posted just a few posts up, this is just an appeal to tradition and is a logical fallacy.
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    Scenario change is awesome for alts. I'm already doing rep on my 2nd 90. Doing that 8 more time isn't something I wanna do. But I like having most if my toons raid worthy. This helps with that quite a bit and I'm thankful for a time saver.

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    ... Just noticed they fixed the wrong crane. Jet one wasn't the issue. Have any of them tried farming the 5 golden ones?

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    Daaamn that is some nice fanart!

    I've also been doing scenarios for a good while. Last run, both of the other people get an epic (cloak and gloves iirc) and I get a 450 neck. Damn you rng gods!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexday14 View Post
    You can see that Murloc's balls if you look close enough.
    Why were you looking there O.o

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    duhn duhn duhn CRZ strikes again

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    The flaws in your argument
    The only real part where i felt like i got cheated by the LFR is mainly regarding weapons - Nothing more, nothing less.

    Regarding a lot of other armor pieces, there were a lot of venues. Craft, Rep, JP, VP - etc. But regarding just weapons - there was close to no venue or rather said - There is close to no venue.

    Oh, what's that, you need something above 463 pre 5.1? Oh i'm sorry - I can't do much - but i can give you the 0.1% chance of a 476 weapon.
    Fact is, my tanking shield was just that - a random epic world drop that i have seen twice (luck) and gotten one time.

    And let's get to the real point here why this is a hindrance at all - It's not even about my e-peen or my caring - It literally just put a dent in my raiding.
    I play a Fury warrior, SMF - And if i don't get better weapons - I do not prestige better DPS - simple math ; and just assume , because it's the truth, that weapons do not turn up
    for say a month.

    Where is the magic and charm in that? How is it that i get happy for unexpected loot, more then i get relieved by the fact that i've been buttf'cked with my raid DPS because there literally has NOT
    been a venue that has been available to me in specifically the case of DPS.

    Even so if they had made a freaking BoE, i would have done that shit. Sure, 40k on the AH - I'll GRIND that, that's a CERTAIN goal - But giving it to the RNG - You're powerless - And i just think that's what people are getting up in arms about. I mean, sure, we have a lot of improvements now - Item upgrade system, Elder Charms, etc. - But that does not excuse the fact of how the situation is.

    It just is VERY hard to justify the fact that weapons are so scarce to get - And it's not a valid argument either to go "You're just unlucky - suck it". Because if we follow that logic - we could just keep denying that the very problem at hand is not a problem - when it clearly IS a problem. And i am specifically talking about weapons here - Fact is, my raid has been unlucky. My entire raid, every single clear of MSV and HoF, and some ToE - We have not gotten a single weapon. Not a single one, beyond 1 starshatter.

    And i think that's the point where RNG and "Ooh luck and fancy elements" go over into "This is a pain i wish to be relieved of, it's not fun, it's not progress - and i just will be happy to be rid of this f'cking shit thorn in my side"

    Fact is, i'd like to point out that the PVP weapon and gear, which mind you they pretty much did not want to interfere with one and another too much - Almost became MANDATORY if you were not available to have the 463 weapon before 5.1 and almost currently as well. Where else do you get a weapon?

    If PvP can have it, why not have a PvE co-respondant? It's redundant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Notos View Post
    Daaamn that is some nice fanart!

    I've also been doing scenarios for a good while. Last run, both of the other people get an epic (cloak and gloves iirc) and I get a 450 neck. Damn you rng gods!
    Yeah definitely the best piece I have seen probably ever.

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    Scary freaking murloc.

    Also, the patch notes have always been compiled by interns and published by too-busy-to-proofread blues. J/k, for a massive project that requires communication, those of us that work in major companies know that not all things on projects get relayed to the appropriate people. Half the fun of patches is finding the changes that aren't in the notes before they become documented.

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    The worst part is the boss drops the weapon AND the tier piece.
    This means that you have 7.5% chance for a weapon. (not 15%)

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    haha yeah i rolled a coin on sha this week. See loot popping up and BÄM Tier Helm ^^
    Still happy though ^^

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    No cloth or mail belt seems like a bit of a jib, regardless of how rare it is to get something.

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