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    Quick question. How is everyone getting around the trash solo? Or are you clearing it with peeps? I thought about using invis pots, but not sure that'd work or the cd on them.
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    You can avoid every trash until Alys trash.
    For Alys trash, the two birds will target you with their spit of fire, just run around the eggs and then around the birds.

    That being said, except the Molten Giant (and the turtles ), all trashs are doable in tank spec The "fire naga" packs may be hard because of the stuns and heals, the others are really easy.

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    Interesting. When I did it on Holy Priest, no one cared. And warrior, usual dps spec... wow, a big deal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaplaceNoMa View Post
    I'll throw a small offtopic comment to the 10v25 ranking question: no, it's way harder to rank in 10-man for one simple reason: not being able to always cover all the buffs, not having lots of 'personal' buffs like ToT, PI, FM, DI (talking about pre-MoP here obviously).

    The reason top DPS on 25-man rankings is always higher than on 10-man rankings is obviously unrelated to player skills in the vast majority of the cases.
    This is, literally, just wrong. Theres no two ways about it. On 10man, my Monk and Boomkin could easily attain top 10 ranks on a weekly basis, moving into 25man on both characters and playing with a BETTER guild that kills more bosses, faster - and I cant even get in the top 100 regularly.

    OT: Nice kill. I still have difficulty with Heroic Aly on my Boomkin since she likes to bug out on my all the time.

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    As a fellow warrior congrats that is impressive seeing as we only have two self heal which are second wind and victory rush unless you spec in the other talent that replaces it. So congrats again and keep it up.

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