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    Blingtron, no daily today?

    Hello, i logged on and placed my Blingtron like i always do, but t oday i got no daily, anyone else got this issue?

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    I havent tested it today since im at work, but yesterday i could place it and do the quest. However i couldnt on any of my other chars when i relogged them. I just assumed they made the daily accountwide but maybe its some sort of bug after all?

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    Tried it today, couldn't do the quest on any of them. Even toons I know had not done the quest.

    I hope it not bugged and its now an account wide weekly.
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    Read somewhere that all dailies are resetting on North American realms at 3AM PST

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    Pet battle dailies didn't reset either for me on EU realm, some weird bug happening.
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    dailies have already reset on my server (EU) but no Blingtron has to be a bug

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    GM confirmed that it's a bug and they're working on a hotfix

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