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    Possible MM Fix?

    I don't post on the forums very often, though I do read them on a regular bases. With the Recent hotfix to Serpent Sting, do the rest of you think that if they brought back the old chimera shot(% of SS dmg added too) that maybe MM would be viable again?

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    I see no reason why they'd bring it back. Chimera shot is boring as shit now, but they've given no hint to bringing it back. The only reason they buffed Serpent Sting was for a band-aid fix above all band-aid fixes, because all 3 hunter specs are really low and all 3 hunter specs happen to use Serpent Sting.

    If they cared more, they'd have taken the time to individually buff each spec in a proper way. Like by buffing Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, and Explosive Shot. And if they really wanted to fix the class then they'd revamp some of our talents so we're not playing Whack-a-Mole while hitting 13 buttons trying to keep up with other classes hitting half of those buttons.

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