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    Confusion about performance on two computers

    my setup z68 gen 3 mobo i3 2120 cpu 8 gigs 12800 gskill ripjaws ram 7200 rpm 500g HDD 7850 GPU HP 2011 Series Wide LCD Monitor

    my roomates setup z77 mobo i3 3220 cpu 8 gigs 12800 gskill ripjaws ram 7200 rpm 465g HDD 7870 GPU then some Generic monitor (what it says in the device manager)

    so my question is... why does my wow recommend everything on ultra where as his is recommended on high? i could have sworn his was a better system. is the monitor causing it to not be as good? thanks in advance!

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    I'm guessing driver related. Be sure you both have the most up-to-date drivers and then run your comparison again.

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    Well resolution does mean a lot for your FPS... but really take the recommended with a grain of salt. On my computer it recommended it to be medium, but i could play it on Ultra with full multisampling and stuff without ever falling below 60 fps (sometimes fell to 40 during raids).

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    i will check his, i check for updates almost daily so that could be it

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    probably screen size. Yours is 1680x1050 or lower and his is 1920x1080.
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    What vesseblah said. Most likely because he is running a higher resolution than you.

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