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    Post Bear or Boomkin and Holy Paladin/Retribution OS LF Late'ish' Night 25 Man Guild

    We are a Guardian Druid who's name is "Aueao", who will also be willing to play Boomkin depending on your recruitment status, and a Holy Paladin, with a growing Retribution Off Spec, who are looking for a "Semi-Late-Night" 25 Man Horde raiding guild.

    We come from a guild who killed Stone Guard heroic early in the expansion, and are looking to progress even further.

    We are currently on "Twisting Nether" but have prolonged our search to every realm, which we will be happy to transfer to.

    We are both experienced raiders who have progressed in the previous expansion, we are looking for a guild who are dedicated to their roll, and try their best to improve what needs to be improved.

    The raid times which we can meet can vary, with the earliest starting time being around 21:00 server time, with the finishing time, not being an issue.

    If you are interested in recruiting us or would like to chat with us, feel free to add my battletag, or just post a reply here


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