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    H Will Prot War

    guild just got to Heroic Will of the Emperor last night, and it just seems like I get crushed. rotating minors and majors every opp strike dance, but after that Idk, I just seem to get destroyed, shield block is ALWAYS active but the hits are like... 110k per swing or so. not really sure if there was anything else I could do, like use Sbarrier instead of Block? Idk. any help would be appreciated. Armory if it's needed: us

    yes I know my reforges aren't the best but I got annoyed from not having enough rage for a shield block through 4-5 slams / revenges

    other tank is a DK and his health seems fine even though he consistently has more damage taken than I do, just figured that was his self healing and what not

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    110k hits with 600k hp pool doesnt sound to bad.
    But why rotate cooldowns for dance, no damage going out ? Better to save for gas phase ?
    Shield block should have close to 100% uptime since you dont use it during dancing, can bleed leftover rage with sbar, but i would stay with sblock.

    Granted, i havent pulled heroic, so if dancing changed from normal, i dunno.

    If you post logs im sure someone with more experience can help out

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    not using it for the dance, using them for after the dance. can't post logs, they're set to private atm.

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    Do you get hit while dancing? You can double ShieldBlock after the dance is over. That is 12 seconds of mini-shieldwall every time.

    If you have problems with dancing turn the camera up and you not find yourself in walls anymore.

    I guess if you got hit while dancing on HC it's cooldown time.
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    highest stack I've had is 3 but that's 'cause I fucked up majorly and screwed myself, but we wiped anyways due to something else.

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    goal for tanks should be to get exactly 0 stacks during the whole fight). already on normal, and on HC even more.
    and tbh, if you pay attention (which is the only thing you should pay attention to), that should be no issue at all. 3 stacks is FAAAAAAR too much.

    demoralizing shout can be used on cooldown when NO gas is there, if you have the DMC trinket, you can use that together with DS every time, extremely helpful.
    Shield wall use on every gas, just check if the combo comes at the start or at the end of the gas, so you can time it correctly, because during the combo you get 0 damage if you do it right (except for the gas, obviously), it is the melee hits from the boss that hit like a truck. also can be used together with DS/Trinket, if you need. you also can use your demo banner every second gas to reduce damage from the gas to the raid.

    for now (seen half of heart of fear and full MSV), will of the emperor is my most fun boss this expansion so far as a tank.

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    gas is always active on H

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    i know when I should be popping CDs, I'm not a complete shitter. and I said I fucked up majorly when I got 3 stacks. I know what I did wrong, the only reason I'm asking is because one of the healers said they were going oom halfway through the fight. was just checking to see if there was anything else I could do to drop the damage, but so far it doesn't really look like it

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    Not sure how your still getting hit for 100k+ with shield block up, heres my numbers from our kill:

    Melee 10661972 55.1 % 36 97327.2 3503781 90 79535.5 7158191

    After combo I found it best to go triple shield block then w.e rage left spam barrier. Have 1 CD as soon as combo ends etc and don't get hit.

    I went hit cap / soft exp cap made life easier in terms of rage. Easiest way to get there is to use the engineer trinket and swap red gems for exp/mastery, I would also take a look at to get reforges perfect.

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    well, theres my video on this fight in 25 hero (warr prot pov)

    http: //www . youtube . com/watch?v=8qBCzMqTNdc (cut the spaces to watch)

    so i will explain, during devastating combo u just have to pool rage, when the boss ends the combo u should have shield block always up and use any cooldown with it, i splitted the cooldowns in groups: "darkmoon trinket+demoralizing shout" - "shieldwall alone" - "last stand alone" - "rallying cry+demoralizing banner", on the vid i did some mistakes and the boss got bugged a couple of times but well in those situations u can ask for help with some external cds (green bubble from monks, ironbark from druids, sacrifice from paladins etc), i can say shieldwall is our most important cd on that fight (i died once cuz the healer lagged out for like 15 sec -.-)

    well i hope it could help you :P.

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