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    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    From scratch, LW by 10 billion percent. Next to no one skins and it's not something you can farm as quickly as ore/herbalsim if you want to do the farming yourself, which you don't. It would be very expensive overall. Second worst overall would be enchanting, than probably BS/Eng.
    Have to admit skinning was indeed a chore, especially if your realm had NOTHING to sell to level through LW.

    Knot leather grinding being the worst upon worst at level.
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  2. #102's...evil to say the wil be backrupt if you buy from ah and you will insane if you grind through skinning >.<

    they (nerfed or buffed depending on your view) blacksmithing in like cata and amde it so most vanilla bars require like 1 ore so ore rather than up to 5 :P

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    LW is probably the hardest due to supply requirements. I see and hear far more people with mining / herbalism then with skinning as a secondary money profession. It's understandable though; instead of spending time fighting, killing, looting, then skinning a mob, they can much more easily pop over to a node, pick / mine it, and be on their way to the next one in no time.

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    Pushing the mats for 0-600 BS wasn't too bad for me (helps having that tauren druid with fast flight form, and having org spitting distance from a good spot to farm all the old world ore: Copper in durotar, Tin in southern barrens, mithril in felwood, thorium in wintergrasp). Leveling a skinner/leatherworker is pretty much the worst thing I have ever experienced. You'll kill like 900 skinnable mobs, and have enough mats for maybe 10 skill points. It's obscene.

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    Leveling blacksmithing and engineering was pretty easy for me. I just set up my gathering bot to gather fel iron and cobalt, sold that stuff for tons of gold, then bought all the other ores I needed from the AH because they all pretty much cost less than fel iron and cobalt...

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    LWing by far. Farming nodes is easy...farming skins takes considerably more time.

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    Enchanting used to be horrible until Mists when they finally got rid of those damn rods(which your char didn't even use when he enchanted, like no animation for it.)

    Enchanting isn't so bad if you level it while you level. But it you wait until 90 your going to have a bad time. It's still annoying but much less so now. Most likely will end up having to backtrack and farm old dungeons though for greens. Since the only other options at 90 are buying the overpriced lower-level matts or researching what level range of items give what materials when D/E'd and buying out all the greens on the AH.

    They made it uber easy to go from Cata>MoP enchanting levels now though. I was pleasantly surprised as I've always been an enchanter and had to deal with that.
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    BS expensive, but not annoying, LW however... there's just not enough mats on AH, so you have to farm it yourself, and that's just fucking annoying, especially without aoe-skinning.

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    LW is by far the worst. Every other profession has mats that are either used by other professions (ore for gems/bars, herbs for flasks/inscription) or that can be collected by anyone (greens to DE, cloth.)

    LW requires mats that only skinners can collect, and only if they intentionally go out and collect it. The 200-300 range of LW is awful, collecting hundreds of pieces of leather for a few skill points is awful.

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    I really hate levelling leatherworking. I try to level it on a few alts but I can't. It is just so tedious :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superchief View Post
    Leveling blacksmithing and engineering was pretty easy for me. I just set up my gathering bot to gather fel iron and cobalt, sold that stuff for tons of gold, then bought all the other ores I needed from the AH because they all pretty much cost less than fel iron and cobalt...
    Great suggestion maybe we all should use them to alleviate some pain in leveling BS and Engineering.

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    BS was terrible before they added in the whole 2/3/5 skill points for crafting 1 higher quality item.

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    Only professions I don't have at 450 or higher is Jewelcrafting and Tailoring.To me Tailoring looks to be a bit insane to level, just by looking at required mats.
    Mainly 350-600

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    Engineering and BS are the absolute worst IMO

    But mining and inscription is a fucking joke

    i couldnt believe how easy it was to level inscription i just discovered one glyph and with 2 skillups for 1 gylph made i made it to 600 in less than 10 mins

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    Since I play on a high/full pop realm(illidan US)

    LW isn't THAT bad.

    I think tailoring is the worst.

    1400 frostweave cloth?


    Left out engineering, this was the worst for me..
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