Hey guys,

After the patch (5.1), it seems that most of the spell/action buttons are not very responsive.
This doesn't seem to work the same as they used to be.

For example, as a resto shaman.
1. If I used Healing Rain, and it is still on CD, I tried to press again to prepare the target for next time when it is off-cd, it is not possible. IIRC, it was possible to press the spell and prepare the target, and directly clicks when it is off-cd.

2. Riptide, pressing the spell after GCD sometimes does not respond properly. I have to press/click on it twice to make it work sometimes.

These 2 are just a few examples. The difference can be felt immediately on AOE spells with CD (like Healing Rain)
Any of you notice these changes?

I want to file a bug report on the official forum but doesn't have the authenticator with me right now :P

I believe this is the same cause as the issue on another thread about the castsequence macro also