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    I can't complain I have the 486 MV bow... I want to complain about lei shi and tokens, but what can you do?

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    6 wills, 6 coins [12]
    2 lei shi, 2 coins [4]
    7 lfr [7]

    Still Pvp weapon, atleast I could upgrade it to 478 this week!
    Also only ever won 1 item with token, shoulders from wind lord. And they have dropped 3 times now!

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    i got my gun off Lei Shi my second kill.... granted it took many more then that to get the bow off will which as the day before i got my gun.

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    I got normal bow from MSV first week with coin, I got Gun from Lei Shei first and second week with coin in ToES.

    I guess I am a lucky fucker

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    I got the sha touched riffle from lfr the first time I went terrace. I guess you are just having bad luck :/

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    just curious, are you running at least 1x heroic gate of the setting sun every day? last boss drops a 476 epic bow
    My old solo stuff can be seen on Twitch and Youtube

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    You complain about bows/guns. Ok, but what have to say DK's, Warrios or paladins? Two handed also drops only from two boses with closely drop chance. E.g. in 25 raid there is usually no more than 2 hunters. So you need two bows only. But there is also two dk's, two warrios and at least one retri. They need at least 7 weapons. So they are more than three times less likely to get their weapon than we are. They have a real reason to complain You just don't have luck ;]

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    indeed but in LFR loot is personalized so hunters have always only 1 drop in MV and 1 drop in ToES..most of classes have more loot to drop and I believe there is no class which damage rely on weapon more than hunters

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    I had issues getting the heroic deathwing bow in T13, did around 15 kills on hunter, and 2 kills total on my alt shaman. Bow dropped on both kills I did with shaman, hunter never got it.

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    Back here again. No gun or bow after all these weeks. Gone LFR and normal every week and killed Lei Shi 3 times now (And rolled every lei shi and on 6 of the will of the emperor)..

    when will this end. Pvp weapon for life?

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    yeahhhhh it's just an RNG thing, like my first bow took a while and then I think 2 or 3 lei shi kills for my gun so not bad for me. Meanwhile our 2h frost dk, blood dk and retadin are all chilling with blue weapons still since we've yet to see starshatter or the axe out of terrace. I kind of wish we could choose like 1 piece of loot to drop in 10s because despite needing tons of loot out of heroic MSV (we're currently 9/16H) we're DEing like 75% of what drops because its crap we already have or it's stuff we don't need because we have no leather agi users (although at least we can pretend we're building our resto/balance druid's feral/guardian set) or holy paladin.

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    Will 2 normal mode kills and LFR kill since its been out. Coins on every attempt zero weps
    2 Lei Shi kills LRF 2 coins zero weps.
    Not wep based but Sha of Anger every week since its been out + coin and I have gotten Gloves... better than nothing i suppose
    This all being said I have been able to get all 3 Blue weps from Heroics. Oh well... at least they are all upgraded with JP lol.
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    44 Raigonn Kills, 6 WoTE normal kills, 7 LFR will kills, 4 Lei shi normal and LFR coined on all of these pretty much still nothing. RNG sucks ):
    Quote Originally Posted by Sykol View Post
    It would appear the world is retardeding at a pace much more rapid than previously anticipated.

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    I try not to think about stuff like that, because it's depressing.
    I have decent gear, albeit not one piece of 496 and I've been farming MV/HOF weekly.
    I HAVE however been lucky enough to get the bow, so I'm extremely happy for that.

    In wotlk, during TOC/TOGC farming - I lost a roll to the trinket at least 19x. I eventually did a GDKP to get the item.
    I've been playing since wrath and just got my Needy achievement a month ago.

    No use in complaining about it: Suck it up and just do what you can.

    Finally grabbed a piece of 496 and 503 gear. >.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    There IS a fix for this - raid 25man.
    No it isn't. Cleared MSV since the first week, killing Lei since the first week, and only this reset I finally got my gun. Used a coin every single time on Emperor and Lei.

    Problem isn't just for 10man.

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    Are you rerunning LFR and burning excess coins? It seems its a little known trick that you can get gear out of LFR even if you've run it for the week as long as you have coins to spare, it's how I ended up getting my Taoren (finally! only last week).

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    my understanding was it gave you loots/cache and a chance to use your roll with coin, if you used it either got loot/cache and that was it. you're saying you can run it over and over as long as you have coins? for the bonus roll

    edit: just found more post backing you up damn it, guess back to terrace i go lol.
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    Yup, as long as the roll window pops up you can win loot again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    Well, I'm six weeks into raiding, cleared normal content, MV on farm since month, lei shi killed x2, running LFR each week, coining bosses that drop weapons all the time.... WTF I'm still stuck with 463 blue weapon (at freaking 491 item level) ?! Almost all raiders in my guild have 489-496 weapons, at least 476 LFR ones. I'm highest geared in guild, with worst weapon.

    Just look at the damn loot tables - Will isn't that bad, 14 items on table with 2 dropping - 1/7 chance + 1/3 out of succesful coin roll.
    But then comes lei shi with "real" hunter weapon for this tier...and what in oblivion is this?! 17 items on table with just ONE ITEM dropping + 1/4 on successfull coin roll. Why one item? Second one is a token. I mean really? 1/17 chance of seeing main raiding weapon drop for my class?! That's barely over 5%, taking 5-6 months on average! Why sha of fear has almost empty loot table on the other hand?

    We have sixteen raid bosses this tier, yet we still have cluttered loot tables with shared boss loot, meaning some of these items will never drop for ten man guilds.

    There IS a fix for this - raid 25man. Yeah, easier said than done. Tried this at beginning of the tier, cockblocked without hope on Elegon. Cut down to 10man and Elegon dies in 3 pulls. On my server it's impossible to find 25 skilled enough raiders that need late night guild.
    If you got cockblocked on elegon, wrong guild. Elegon normal was pretty damn easy. And even HC was easy-is once you figure out how to split dps on sparks.
    We have 3 hunters, there's a high chance one of them will not get leishi hc weapon too easy (only 1 drop for now, no coin wins, no caster staves dropped or won).
    Plus, do you even have more than 2 options? will and leishi? So a 2x 1/17/ number of hunters in raid drop chance?

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    From the sound of it it seems you didn't try, you wanted to be carried by a 25 man. You know what bad luck means? Holding all DKP for Maexxna's sword in vanilla and it never actually dropping, that's bad luck. You have plenty of time left to get a decent weapon

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    13 will + coins
    3 lei shi + coins
    total 32 rolls = still sad panda

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