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    Spriest pvp dmg, does it get better?

    Hey all, recently hit 90 on my priest and playing as shadow in arenas. Still trying to learn the class obviously, but when it comes to my damage I feel it's nothing what it would be with the gear. I only have my 5-piece set(2Dread/3Malevolent) and 4-piece contender set and inscribe epic staff, sitting at like 17.5k SP with arena buffs. I know I'm not geared at all, just wondering what to expect of my damage when I do get full dreadful/malevolent and the PVP weapon, because right now I feel I do pitiful damage with my dots, and my mindblasts/DP/MS's aren't exactly putting much of a dent in them.

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    I geuss when we ar getting geared more... Shadow always haz been lower at start of expansion but shines towards the end.
    To my personal feelings out of a PVE perspective the stuff you describe ar the same.. Missing burst... dots feel weak and the rest doesnt do that much dmg either.
    also a warrior can easy outheal your dmg :P

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    With about 40% pvp power, or 50% now in 5.1 you will notice a big differnce. Shadowpriests are really great in pvp atm.

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