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    Upgrading trinkets with valor...

    I've read lots of speculation going both ways on this but I'm hoping someone has actually tested it at this point... Does upgrading your trinket increase the effect of the proc/use? My guess would be yes but i want to know for sure :P


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    Upgrading trinkets does increase the numbers on the trinket tooltip, but the upgrade UI does not give any indication that this will happen.
    Whether it actually also increases the ingame effect I have honestly not tested.

    Edit: Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, try this link and see how it works:
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    YEs it does i upgrade both of my trinkets and the proc was in fact upgraded with it.

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    I doubled up on my DMC card last night, pretty f'ing sweet increase! I try and keep my spirit around 10k before I reforge to my other stats and this thing now procs over 1/3 of my spirit.... Yes please!

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