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    Frost DK in need of help from other DKS

    So, I got some few new items yesterday that made my hit go over 1.20% over the cap, and I can't reforge it anymore because of I have reforged all hit I got, and the I got hit+haste gems in blue sockets since it's the only good gem to have (according to Icy-Veins) Link to Icy-Veins Frost DK Guide here: DK Frost DPS PvE Guide

    And for you to watch, here is my armory: My Armory

    Thanks for helping, any tricks and things to increase my dps would be awesome aswell!

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    Plug your toon into askmrrobot.com and hit optimize (I woud that for you but I do not know the special character in your name.)

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    Unless the Armory is borking bigtime, your Lei Shin's Final Orders is reforged Haste > Hit. If you get rid of that you are 49 over cap instead of 400.

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