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    The new green stats.. Can I make it go away?

    So.. before I saw my stats on items as white text and my enchants as green.

    Now some stats are white and some are green. it's VERY confusing and it takes me a long time to see if they are enchanted or not.

    So my question is, can I make it look the old, nice way again?

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    This is a good question I messed around with a bit yesterday but to no avail. I'm sure there will be an add-on to make it look like it did pre patch in no time tho.

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    i wish we could, maybe an addon exist but im not aware of it atm, but if someone know, pls, say it o.o

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    Stats are green, attributes are white, enchants say Enchanted: .. why is that confusing?

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    It's not confusing, it sucks. I love the old format, it was much simpler and cleaner.

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    It was a bit confusing at start, but like with everything I got used to it in some time. And now I like the change.

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    I agree this new one is quite confusing give me the old one back.

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