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    Rogue Leveling Spec

    Which spec is good for leveling atm ?.
    To be more precise I am interested in a spec which has less downtime while solo questing and also lil faster.
    I am not interested in either PVP or Dungeons...only solo questing is where my heart lies now.
    I do have an entire set of rogue heirlooms for lil easier leveling.

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    With full heirlooms? Anything, any spec, it won't matter. As sub you're pretty likely to 1-shot quest mobs for a fair few levels, Mut should tear through any "bosses" you come across (although uuuusually this is the "slow" spec), and combat... well it doesn't have much going for it besides blade flurry, but that's a big time saver in any populated area. Up to ~80 though, heirlooms should make you feel like you're floating through quest areas watching things die around you. After that, there are plenty of threads here (search Rogue Level 85-90) discussing how to proceed, and you should have enough personal experience to pick.

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