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    Upgrading weapons through VP.

    Got another 2x Starshatter heroic, but haven't decided if I want to upgrade or not. Because I am having horrible luck on Elegion dropping, and Kilrak is refusing to drop either on normal. Would you spent the next 2 weeks of VP upgrading my starshatters or should I wait for Elegion 502 / Kilrak 496?

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    thanks for sharing your gear with us

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    Already upgraded my trinket. I don't see how my question about my weapon upgrades is relavant to my gear. Also, I can't post any links unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heltoray View Post
    thanks for sharing your gear with us
    The butthurt is strong with this one.

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    The answer is, it depends. How close are you to the 3k valor cap? How good are your chances of getting 2x 1hs? Seems like you need two of them. Personally since I am arms looking to go SMF as soon as I get weapons, I upgraded my weapon once, and am saving. It's a gamble either way, but upgrading weapons is by far the largest DPS increase, so even if you upgrade now, and soon replace and upgrade those, I believe it'd be a bigger DPS increase than just upgrading gear and hoping to luck.

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    ive got ele heroic weps and im waiting on the 1h's from Amber shaper or even the fist wep from grand empress heroic for SMF, even though its agi wep 500 str gem makes it pretty much on par with amber shaper weps but it has better overall stats.

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