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    Are people hacking again?

    Games have always had hackers and no game is free from them.

    My question is; are people hacking LoL again?

    There are some youtube clips you can look up of old hacks/secondary programs that people used in the past. One of them I thought was interesting was the hack/program that would place 7 pts per 1 pt in a mastery, thus people had summoner spells at 105% reduce cd, which meant they were never on cd.

    While I think hacks are neat and if your playing a game with friends for fun and not a rank game and not hurting people, I'm ok with them posting them and what not, but when you go into a rank game and use these to win, that is an issue for me.

    About 2 weeks ago I ran into a rank game which I jungled Rammus. Had an opponent that was solo top Tryndamere. I ganked him twice and helped push top down to finish off the rest of them. I will now skip forward and just go to the end game.

    End game Items:
    Rammus: Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Ninja Tabi, Sunfire cape, Warmogs, Force of Nature
    Tryndamere: Youmuu's Ghostblade, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Bloodthristy, Boots, Frozen Mallet

    I know if I don't taunt and hold trynd down, he would kill my team. They had a Xin but he wasn't fed like Trynd.
    I fly into him with powerball and use taunt and my W.
    He attacks me and hits me like I have 0 armor on. I was taking 500 crits from him with over 400 armor on me.
    I was using my ult cause its aoe and magic damage.
    He used his W 2 times in that fight. I had 3800 health and regenerating around 75-100 health per second.

    He kills me and still has his ult up to finish the near by ally of mine.

    I sat there wondering, WTF just happened? I had all my stuff going on, and I had all the items needing to kill this guy 1v1. I ran into their EZ with a similar build but had a triforce and a 2nd blood thristy instead of a frozen mallet and phantom dancer and I killed him in 8 seconds.

    So I ask the question, are people hacking again?
    There is no way anyone should of done what that Trynd did to me with our items. He had 1 item that had 20 armor pent and I'm sure he had some runes but that's it. His W was there but only reduces my AD by 80. I rely more on my passive items: Thornmail & Sunfire Cape to deal damage with my ult and my return damage from my W than my actual auto attack.

    Anyone know what just happened to me?
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    I think it's more or less legit. You can try to do your own math if you have your doubts. There are plenty of sites with useful tools to calculate things like armor.
    Also remember if there was XZ, you could have that 15% shred on, and there might have been guy with stuff like Black Cleaver...

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    "Bloodthirster" and fully fed AD carry. He probably healed more than you did damage.

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    In a game i was top as Jayce vs Zed but at level he was at our blue (bot side) when he came back in lane he was under level, underfarm, less health, damage and armor (i think he had ArP marks) and he still raped me. At the end of the game he was full adc build (IE-PD-BT-BT-boots-LW) vs me (Trin-LW-Omen-GA-boots-evolution of hexdrinker), my attacks did no damage at all to him and he just took 2/3 of my life with his burst. He was able to ult after he died.

    Dont know what happened in this game but yeah it was weird.

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    To the 2 people claiming hacks @Shak16 that is a clear cut case I am afraid, no he out played you in lane and damage ALWAYS beats tank/tank damage late game.
    @Thalas, it might look weird but it seems legit. If he ran any armor pen runes, as well as all the armor pen he built/ got from mastiers and with that build. That is what a tryn will do late game with his 100% crit. I am afraid thats just how it works.

    Lastly, you killed EZ due to him having less life steal, less armor pen and I assume not been able to use his champion as well as the tryn. Ie not maxing his passive, while tryn has a much easier time using his champion to it's full potential

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    A 500 crit is exactly what a Trynd with those items would do to a 400 armour target looking at an useful tool I have found.

    http://lol.fanrealm.net/LnEffTSPxtUqoBMR0OrL/#summary check it out.

    /Well. That's golden, as soon as I gave a link here the template started getting edited and changed. It seems so long as you get a link you can freely change whatever the person put in there. Oo

    If you want to see the simulation put data in yourself. Right now the Trynda data I put there magically morphed into a Nunu.
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    Well being out played is a thing but an adc who has no armor and takes no damage from a top laner is kinda weird. If it was just his burst damage he would just be "op" but even my E+Q combo was doing less damage on him than diana with shield........

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    Quote Originally Posted by shak16 View Post
    Well being out played is a thing but an adc who has no armor and takes no damage from a top laner is kinda weird. If it was just his burst damage he would just be "op" but even my E+Q combo was doing less damage on him than diana with shield........
    That's kinda why are melee carries where they are (well not those AP), as it's pretty hard to make them any fair.

    They have no range, so to work they need to be able to come close, and survive. For that to be sufficient and competitive with ranged carries, they need either last much more, or do something more.
    Currently they have bit of both, and if they lasted enough to do things, you'd basically have dumbed down carries who win by rightclicking.
    If they did more you'd see tons of ridiculous CC trains to allow them to do retarded damage.

    Also a sidenote - AD carry items are horribly overpowered, their power comes from the way they scale (Auto-attack DPS will increase with damage, speed and crit multiplicative). Anyone who can use those items decently becomes shredding machine eating everything in seconds, full build Maplhite being no exception. Melee carries are frustrating in a way that they get this kind of power earlier, have pretty much none positioning skill (in your face) and are mostly muuuch easier to play than outplay.

    As soon as you and your mates learn to deal with them (I believe it's written pretty much everywhere), they will become more or less non-existent.

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