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    Is it possible to have sound on, but only boss vocals?

    In raiding I love hearing the boss talk but I hate the sounds in the game, is there anyway to change the settings so I can only hear the boss, but not the other sounds? thanks :P

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    Sadly it isn't, I have been looking for that option for ages but a blue confirmed it isnt possible atm.
    There's a workaround if i remember correctly that involves an addon or something that replaces sound files but I've never tried it.

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    I think you can,

    If I recall it the third under the music were you scroll left to right,

    That should make it so you can just do boss sounds

    I done it once so try it yourself, I will post later tonight once am off work to look for you

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    You can't. You can change music, sounds (voicefiles sadly fall under this) and ambient.

    I would love if Blizzard would add a scrollbar for voice only.

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    I've wanted this for the longest time....I want to hear the voice acting without the PEW PEW PEW PEW in the background making it so hard to hear.

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    I dont think you can have just the voice files being played but if it is possible i would love to know how/

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    Wanted to have this for the longest time but the only way currently is to remove all combat sounds with a plugin which is a shame :<

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