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    GSP Rushfit

    Hey guys,

    As a student athlete who also happens to have a severe WoW addiction, staying in shape is key to my life. Last summer I invested in Georges St. Pierre's (UFC Fighter) workout DvDs. Seriously guys, this has been a great investment. In forty-five minutes, I feel great, sweat up a storm, and know I accomplished a great workout. I am not endorsed by them in anyway, but just would like to share my thoughts on this great program. It comes with three workout schedules, varying in difficulty from Beginner to Advanced, all the workouts are the same, but it's the frequency they are done that changes from each schedule. I play midfield in lacrosse, which is the position that has the most running, and after doing two weeks of these workouts, I felt I was so much stronger than I felt during the lacrosse season. These DvDs are less expensive than Insanity, but more effective than Insanity. If you have any question please leave them down below and I'll do my best to answer them.

    Thanks guys, stay healthy.


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    GSP is a beast and he's got one of the most resilient attitudes in the UFC. I think it's important for us WoW players to stay in shape and not give others the impression that we look like that guy from the southpark episode. Good to hear that it's working for you dude.

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    Absolutely he does, and he is a truly nice person, which makes it easier for me to like him. And yes, I totally agree, taking care of yourself is so important, and the results I have seen from this program are truly amazing, but it isn't a miracle. It's because of the hard work and dedication to the lifestyle I choose to lead.

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    Not much to add other than that I love GSP and I'm glad that's working out for you. Good to see GSP back in action too!

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