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    [General] When to switch to tier for set bonus?

    I am currently 494 ilvl and have a decent amount of heroic pieces but also have been accumulating normal mode tier pieces. I am trying to figure out how much the set bonus actually helps and when it becomes worth it to replace other non tier pieces that may be higher ilvl.

    Does Rawr or Mr Robot calculate this correctly?


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    It depends on the spec you raid as, for fire it can be debated whether to use tier at all (past 2 set) but for frost and arcane the tier sets are very strong. For fire I would replace heroic pieces with normals to get 2 set and with frost and arcane I would replace up to 4 set, the bonus outweighs the loss in stats.

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    I can't post my armory or any links yet but my character is Ticktaz on Mug'thol-US.

    The pieces in question are Claws of Amethyst(Heroic) and Leggings of the Poisoned Soul. I have normal tier gloves and leggs.

    That is my current setup. As it stands now I have Gloves and Leggings tier pieces. Rawr is telling me that the non tier is higher DPS and mr robot seems to be broken with the tier 2 pc bonus.

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