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    [Boss] Garalon 10 N - What's your strat?

    Hi guys.

    We are a newly formed guild so we are a bit late to the party. We've been clearing everything easily so far but hit a DPS wall on Garalon. We are able to comfortably get the boss to 20% but then hit enrage. This is partly down to me as my DPS is extremely low

    WoL report and my armoury coming soon.

    I've just newly re-rolled to this mage so the playstyle is very alien to me. I know the basics but I am really struggling at the moment.

    I've watched a few PoV Fire Mage videos and I'm a bit confused. A few of them target Garalon himself and Combustion/Living Bomb onto the legs and a few of them spec Scorch and move between the legs. Both strats seem to do a great deal more damage than me.

    My gear is not as good as some of the others but I feel like I should be doing 20-30k more.

    Any constructive criticism would be great.

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    stick ranged on boss to cleave the legs, malee on legs (3ish), 5 on kite with no more than 15 stacks each, that's it.

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    At 475 ilevel what DPS should I be expecting on this fight?

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    I would say in 475 gear 80k ish dps hard to gage really. I am not the worst of mages, nor the best, did 101k dps on garalon in 484 gear.

    Key to garalon is to make sure ranged dps mainly stick to the body and only cleave to the legs (possibly an extra dot here or there from a druid/shadow priest).
    Main reason for this is that your tanks and melee dps can (much more easily) profit from the 100% bonus on the legs, while moving for us is a DPS loss in most of the occations.

    So we up our dps while standing still, melee up their dps by hitting the legs up close and personal 90+% of the time and cleaving the boddy if/when they can. Having 2 legs up at all the time really isnt a kiting issue at all, temporary 3 at the same time is possible to.... Having only 1 up is a dps loss and having none is just *cry* for so many reasons. Always try to keep 2 legs up, Mend leg is cast every 30 seconds + a few depending on a few factors... Leave those legs up, let them be hit by melee and win win win, then at 10% put just a little more focus on the legs... Depending on timing before the Enrage

    What broke the ice on Garalon for us is to have 2 tanks kiting and 3 healers, this is a very strickt dps check fight though you NEED 510k raid dps to be able to down this boss.

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    What we do is:

    Setup: 3 healers, 2 tanks(in dps gear), 5 dps

    Stick the melee in the back to take out those legs, and the tanks in the front to take out those legs and absorbs the attacks.
    We have the 3 healers + a hunter to kite. when the healer kite he only focus on healing himself and the other 2 heal the raid. rinse and repeat = profit!!

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    My teams has been going 2 tanks 2 healers 6 dps rotating between 3 dps and one of the tanks kiting pheromones (tank kiting it instead of a melee to give our highest dps more uptime)
    We have pretty strong heals and me tossin healing tide totem every third crush though

    2 melee on legs ranged on body full time

    our fire mage is probably 480ish and pulls 120k+ going after main body and cleaving dots off onto the legs
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    My guild is also still working on Garalon 10N but we ALMOST got it last night (if not for an unlucky pheremone swap fuck up at 10%, we would've got him).

    Our setup was:

    1 tank (Druid, and our Arms warrior was 2nd soaker)
    3 heals (2 priests and a resto shammy)
    2 melee (Monk tank went offspec dps + the aforementioned arms warrior)
    4 ranged (2 fire mages, a hunter and a lock)

    We found that with two full tanks we didn't have enough dps to 3 heal, so that's why we had the monk tank go dps (bear probably would have too if her offspec was feral) and had the arms warrior take soaks instead. After a bit of practice our warrior said he could soak cleaves no problem and loose very little dps.

    All 4 of our ranged were the kiters (some strats say use 5 and switch at lower stack numbers, but with 3 heals it wasn't too bad going to 20 stacks). Although we did have a healer initiate the pull and take the first 20 stacks of pheremone so all dps could burn during Bloodlust at the start.

    As a fire mage I find this fight a bit frustrating myself. It's tough to get a good combustion on the legs to spread to the body when the legs die so damn fast. As a result my dps varied on attempts by as much at 30k sometimes, lol. Other than trying to combust on the legs and spread, we have ranged focus the body and let melee/tank take care of the legs. I do recommend using Incanter's Ward as the lvl90 talent for this fight. It'll proc the 30% dmg increase everytime within a second or two due to the constant aoe dmg going out.

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    Try using Invocation as a fire mage, seriously the 15 second window of 5% extra spell power vs 10 seconds of -25% .... is it even an option?

    If you want to help the healers use Temporal shield properly and tell them to recognize your Temporal ripples and evocation the heals they are

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    Depends on your comp - but after trying many variations we downed it with 2 tanks, 2 healers 6 dps.

    We used 4 kiters (both tanks - easy enough to do) and 2 ranged dps that can do a lot of damage while moving. Swapping Pheromones at 20 stacks. Clean transition of pheromones is key: don't double pass it, or die to the cleave while kiting, and pass it at no later than 20 or it will be too hard to heal. We made sure to call out at 15 so the next kiter had time to get into place and healers could try getting low people up to survive the incoming crush.

    In our case it was a hunter and an affliction lock who manage to do solid dps while kiting (70k ish i think). Keep 2 people just on leg duty (preferably melee) - everyone else stays clumped in the middle on the boss helping on legs as they come into buff range or if a 3rd leg is ever up. We had only 1 melee that night so we stuck one of the fire mages with him on leg duty.

    We tried one tank and warrior dps to soak the cleaves, but they just get hit way to hard in dps spec/gear - so we went back to 2 tanks.

    Its definitely a bit rough to 2 heal but we needed the extra damage - we also had the shadowpriest and ele shaman helping with their off-heals at times. Halo just after a crush (or before if needed) is beastly, and healing rain just before a crush comes in handy.

    Total HPS was around 156k HPS with our 2 healers pulling around 67k each and the rest coming from off-heals /self heals from the dps - especially from the shadow priest )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Youvegotfail View Post
    As a fire mage I find this fight a bit frustrating myself. It's tough to get a good combustion on the legs to spread to the body when the legs die so damn fast.
    I've stopped bothering. The Combustion isn't strong on the boss once you spread it. The damage returns to normal. The only time I intentionally spread a Combustion is when a front leg is up, and it spreads from the body. (I open on the boss for my Combustion, spread to the front legs, then get in a circle to start damaging a back leg. The remainder of the fight is as normal, have the raid grouped up in the middle near the boss for heals, between the front/back legs. Near side legs can be DPS'd by ranged classes with high mobility (along with melee) and the far back leg is melee only if it's not in Pheromone pools.

    We run 4 kiters (Our two tanks, myself and an Ele Shaman) and swap at 19-20 stacks. We could add a kiter, but the extra crushes really make it not worth the extra swap. This week I ended up at 120K DPS with this strategy, which I'm pretty happy with since I was kiting.

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    Tanks go dps, 3-4 kites, kites are range dps that have good mobility, swap at 21 stacks.

    Anyone that can damage legs does.

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    2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps (1 melee)

    2 healers and 2 tanks kite.

    The melee gets the legs. Ranged just stack up for AOE healing and focus the body.

    We do begin the fight with killing the legs. We pop bloodlust, and I get a leg all to myself that I can build a big combustion on that can be spread to the body.

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    If a leg is close enough to get to without really losing casts, I'll go for it and spread dots from it to the body. If the leg is on the opposite side I just dps the body and spread to the leg. Typically I use my combustion on the body and spread to the legs. Unless there is a high health leg in convenient position.

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    my old log. when i was on same gear like u and before up 5.1 combustion
    on pull i stack combustion on body and then spread them on legs
    bl with pull and after 1 changing of feromons (after garalon smashes) u have 2-3 secs of bl, then use evoc, and use evoc every time after smashing. or u may also use shield, not evoc ))
    remember 1 simple rule - if leg is far away from u, don't run, just stay and hit body
    stack combustion only when dm timer says u that leg respown soon
    on my fight i hit on body 73% and only 27% on legs

    + if 1 of yours tank have good dd spec with same item lvl, he can spec for dd
    + tanks can run with feromons.. or healers. don't use dd for this
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    2 tanks in tank specs
    2 healers
    6 dps

    Ranged on body, melee on legs. Keeping 1 leg up at all times. 4 kiters switching at 20 stacks.
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    if you're wiping at 20% then have your tanks and healers be the main kiters. We had the same problem at first using dps only to kite until we swapped healers into the rotation then quickly moved to a kill after that.

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