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    Will of Emp Heroic ? How to start it? Bugged?


    We have cleared all bosses 5/6 on heroic this reset. This is the first time trying on WoE Heroic. So not sure if something else is needed?
    We would of guess it starts the same like normal.

    But we are clicking on the console and nothing is happening. The console is cracking with lightning (this new?).


    I guess this is not normal? and a bug :/

    Thanks any help.

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    You're meant to break the pipes on the side of the room.

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    There's Pipes on the side, just inside, they need to be clicked

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    Click the pipes on the left and right hand side
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    Go break the pipes.....

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    aw thanks guys, feel retarded now :/

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    if you have retarded melee who cant tank strenghts or retarded ranged who cant kite sparks dont even bother

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    This boss is absurdly easy, just need a rogue who doesn't suck, and your strengths are good to go.

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    Not sure if someone mentioned this already but I think you need to break the pipes.

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    I find it kinda funny that your group can down Heroic Spirit Kings but lose to the pipe boss on Will

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