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    There are no diminishing returns on Resto mastery like there is on dodge and parry; you can stack it to over 100% increased healing on low health targets. There are no diminishing returns on Crit either at least until the unreachable 100% spell crit (or possibly until 65% spell crit, at which point Tidal Waves+4 pc would put Healing Surge at 100% crit).
    I never said there was, what's your point? In fact, I explained why dodge/parry had the system they did and why it doesn't have to apply to other stats. You don't seem to understand the diminishing effect despite the fact that I've clearly explained it twice now.
    It's also not currently reasonably possible to stack a stat to the point that the relative diminishing returns is enough to significantly alter stat priority. Reforging fully into Crit or Mastery is only going to increase either by a 7-8% margin. You also get so much "free" mastery rating from the 3000 mastery raid buff that it is next to impossible to get any other stat so significantly higher than Mastery that any type of relative returns becomes a factor.
    Uh... okay, maybe you do understand and are willfully ignoring that knowledge except when it suits your point? That said, the "free rating" granted by the Crit raid buff and the Mastery raid buffs are identical, and the base values are quite close as well (depending on levels of Intellect). Their diminishing starts at the same place, and increases at the same rate. I don't know why you keep insisting differently.
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    I think I know where the confusion is:

    There is no DR if you look at getting 1% crit in your character panel.
    X crit rating will always give 1% extra crit (I dont know the exact amount). --> no DR
    But this 1% crit is not always a 1% healing increase (only the first % is) --> DR
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    Heh, ahh the internet. Where the 'glass is half full' and 'glass is half empty' people are both shouted down by the heaving masses of "WAAAAH! I WANT A FULL GLASS! WAAAAAAAH!'

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    Quote Originally Posted by tibbee View Post
    If you are comfortable with your regen, sure you have the option of reducing the amount of Spirit that you have. However, you also have the option of rectifying the situation by
    (1) Using a higher HPS spell selection and be more aggressive. Until you are at the point where you can pretty much spam Chain Heal and/or Greater Healing Wave (possibly healing Surge, but that is completely unrealistic) in between Healing Rain/Healing Stream Totem cooldowns, you can make use of more regen. In most cases, keeping the regen and using more spells and more effective spells does more for HPS than dropping Spirit and making the spells you cast hit harder (because of the typical profile of overhealing, etc).
    (2) Extra mana is not the end of the world. Fights aren't 100% predictable whether during progression or on farm, and "normally" having 20% mana at the end of a fight can quickly turn to being OOM during the burn phase if things go sideways. There is value in being able to prevent wipes and having a reasonable reserve
    (3) Factor in the effect of Mana Tide on the other healers in your raid. If stacking Spirit is at all close in terms of throughput to dropping it for INT (and I contend it is better most of the time), you should stack it past the point where other healing specs drop it. The amount of Spirit you have effects the amount of MTT regen for all of your healers, and especially in a 25 man raid, the extra regen and throughput it brings given to 5-7 healers will normally outweigh any personal throughput increases you could achieve by dropping Spirit.
    1 & 2] Like I said, when you (the player) are comfortable with your mana regen, you should look at investing in Intellect. And the end of the fight means after the burn phase. I'm not saying stacking Spirit is bad, but you're very quick to dismiss Intellect altogether, simply because you think its better HPS. I agree, being able to cast a spell when you need to is the most important thing. However, to truly min/max, you want to be able to cast (heal) when you need to, for the most you possibly can.

    And you have a good point about over-healing, especially considering that healers usually don't work alone. But that just brings me to my original point: If you find yourself with plenty of mana at the end of raid encounters, consider gemming for Intellect for more throughput. That extra mana (abundance of Spirit?) is going to waste otherwise.

    3] Yeah, Mana Tide is great, but raid encounters aren't designed around a single class ability. If your other healers are consistently going OOM, its not because the Resto Shaman's MTT isn't strong enough.
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    Just get Elemental Blast Cost 0 Mana Short Cast and depending on how much haste you have it will bring you to 3 - 6th haste breakpoints. It also has a chance of giving crit which is also our Best Primary stat then it gives mastery, but 3500 mastery isn't bad.

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