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    Should I even both with...

    Grimoire of Sacrifice when in 5 mans? Be it while leveling or at "end game" 5 mans? I ask because, thus far, while leveling I'm getting owned on the charts while in dungeons. I'm not talking "qq i want to do the pewpews teh best," I'm talking even what I think I should be pulling. P.S. I'm leveling Affliction... I know that's part of it, but still...
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    just switch specs

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    Afflicition is awesome for raids since we have in most cases enough time to have out dots do the full duration of their damage.

    In the fast paced env of dungeons and roics, our dots dont get the chance to fully work really often.

    As the spiral said, switch specs, demo has some great aoe abilites that will help u in dungeons.

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