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    Quote Originally Posted by Zues View Post
    Mad much? You even gave a shitty example of where goblin boots would be useful (what kind of retard gets hit by flanking?). And no, I'm an engineer with rocket boots, and I'm not so braindead as to position myself somewhere I'll get gibbed. Some 100+ wipes/resets kinda teaches you to look out for things.

    Good job finding one way to use a racial to move out of an easily avoidable mechanic? Troll would give you more dps on the fight as ele regardless. And you're coming off even more as kinda retarded in thinking that 1% haste will outweigh the 20% haste self buff trolls can use, DURING ASCENDANCE.

    To be honest, I used rocket boots the first maybe 20 attempts on H Spirit Kings. After that, you'd literally have to be braindead to not be able to dodge flanking, and you'd need to have incredibly shitty luck to somehow get stuck inbetween 2 flankings, an orb, and another mechanic.

    Just because you somehow can't manage to move (which confuses me, since Ele is very good on movement fights) out of simple mechanics doesn't mean goblin is better.

    Also, a Worgen's Darkflight (sprint) is better than a blink anyway.
    LOL. You died to flanking FIVE TIMES on your most recent WoL and four times to annihilate (your first attempt, you died on the second annihilate, after watching your hunter die on the first one... that mechanic is in normal mode, you know). It's likely the flankings could have been prevented, and all of the annihilates could have been. And that was only a specific example. The point was to show you a time when it can be good, not to name every possible scenario.

    I didn't say it would outweigh. I said it would help to negate some of the loss. And you're STILL ignoring the fact that the racials are worth very little actual DPS in practice anyway. In order to even get part of the LESS THAN 1% DPS INCREASE from the troll racial, you have to make sure it doesn't line up with lust or any other haste buff (including trinkets, windsong, and EB) while ascending.

    Rocket boots are a terrible idea for progression raids, especially on something like spirit kings. What happens if they malfunction and you end up landing directly in a mechanic you were supposed to avoid? Not only did you not accomplish whatever you were trying to do, you caused a death where there wouldn't have been before. And if you'd been a goblin, neither of those things would have happened.

    I'm obviously not having trouble moving, or I wouldn't have killed more bosses than you. I'm saying that the goblin racial is extremely useful for movement. You're equating that with "having trouble." When an athlete uses a special shoe or suit to accomplish things, do you say that they're bad at their sport for using something that made them even better?

    Edit: I just noticed you're also 2100 rated in RBGs, same as I am. How could you possibly not understand how amazing rocket jump is in PvP? It's literally phenomenal. It can easily mean the difference between losing and winning matches in both BGs and arenas, especially on a healer or FC.

    I'd also forgotten that he was talking about enh as well. Hello, PvE and PvP gap closer? Yeah. Your arguments are all invalid at this point.
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    This game is cereal business apparently

    [User was infracted for this post]
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